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Yahoo! Mail XSS Vulnerability
Yahoo! Mail XSS Vulnerability
Yahoo! Mail XSS Vulnerability

Adivisory Name : Yahoo! Mail XSS Vulnerability
Release Date : 2006.04.21
Application : Yahoo! web-based email service
Test On : Microsoft IE 6.0
Discover : Cheng Peng Su(applesoup_at_gmail.com)


Yahoo! Mail is one of the Internet's most popular web based email solutions.


This vulnerability is resulted from the failure of Yahoo! Mail's
filtering engine to

block "expression()" syntax in a CSS attribute using a comment to
break up expression,

and the comment symbol( /* */ ) must be hex encoded so that we can
bypass the filter.

An example:


the injected code inside the CSS attribute is responsible for

-Getting cookies.
-Potential web-based e-mail worm.

Vender status:

2006.04.01 Informed the vendor.
2006.04.03 The vendor confirmed the vulnerability.
2006.04.XX The vendor patched the vulnerability. ( They patched it silently )

Original advisory:


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