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Carspace.com - XSS with cookie disclosure
Carspace.com - XSS with cookie disclosure
Carspace.com - XSS with cookie disclosure

Affected files:=0D
Input boxes of registering=0D
Login boxes=0D
sending mail input boxes.=0D
Searching for photos.=0D
XSS vuln with cookie disclosure via ErrorMessage when registering:=0D

=0D Screenshots:=0D http://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace1.jpg=0D =0D Same XSS vuln with cookie disclosure as above, this time in login box. For PoC put:=0D =0D ">">">">'>'>'><"">">"><"<"<"<"<'<'<"=0D">http://www.carspace.com/?login@@!EmailAddress=">">">">">'>'>'><"">">"><"<"<"<"<'<'<"=0D =0D &ErrorMessage=No%20account%20with%20this%20e-mail%20address.%20Please%20%20sign%20up%20to%20get%20the%20email%20activation%20link.%0A=0D =0D Screenshot:=0D http://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace2.jpg=0D =0D Sending mail XSS vuln with cookie disclosure:=0D =0D When sending mail you can enable the option to make a "HTML" email. This should be a no no right off the bat. To bypass their filters still however, we will use a table tag with long UTF-8 uncicode ' so they don't get filtered. For a PoC put the codes below in the body of your mail msg. Make sure "HTML Mail" is checked =0D =0D in:=0D =0D =0D =0D And to get the cookie:=0D
=0D =0D Img tags work as well. Script tags seem to get filtered out, even with html enabled.=0D =0D Screenshots:=0D http://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace3.jpg=0Dhttp://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace4.jpg=0Dhttp://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace5.jpg=0D =0D -------------------------------------------------=0D =0D Searching/Browsing for photos XSS vuln.=0D =0D Data isn't properly sanatized before being generated. For a PoC try putting the code below in the "Keywords" box:=0D
in the photo search box.=0D =0D Screenshots:=0D http://www.youfucktard.com/xsp/carspace6.jpg

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