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file inclusion vulnerability inPayPal Store Front

ZH2003-28SA (security advisory): file inclusion vulnerability in PayPal Store

Published: 08 October 2003
Name: PayPal Store Front
Affected Versions: 3.0 (and other versions?)
Vendor: http://www.muziqpakistan.net/~taz/
Issue: file inclusion vulnerability
Author: Astharot (at Zone-H.org)

Zone-H Security Team has discovered a flaw in PayPal Store Front v3.0 (and other
versions?), commercial and free version. PayPal Store Front "is created for
small to medium size companies who want to sell products online, but is not
limited to it. Any one, who has something to sell, can use this Cart System to

There's a file inclusion vulnerability in the index.php file:

require ($page . ".php");

Is it possible for a remote attacker to include an external file and execute
arbitrary commands with the privileges of the webserver (nobody by default).

To test the vulnerability try this:


In this way the file "http://www.attacker.com/index.php" will be included and
executed on the server.

It's possible to download a simple patch for the free version of PayPal Store
Front here: http://www.zone-h.org/download/file=4957.

However, the author has been contacted.

Use the proposed patch.

To install the patch type:

patch < paypal.diff

in the paypal directory.


Astharot - Zone-H Admin

Original advisory here:

http://www.zone-h.org - astharot@zone-h.org
PGP Key: http://www.gife.org/astharot.asc

Linux User #292132

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