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Hacking Geocities Homepages ver.2

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1. Introduction
2. What Information You Need
3. How To Get The Information
4. Getting there Password
5. What To Do
6. Other Usefull Ideas
7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Well I typed up this text to let you all know how to hack a
geocities homepage.  It is as easy as taking a shit.  Make sure
to keep your eyes pealed for newer versions because geocities is
always changing.

2. What Information You Need

Ok first of all you have to have an email address.  Id suggest any
email address that cant be traced to you.  Like a hotmail account with
false information or an email address with an isp you have a fake account
with.  Lets get on with it...

Ok to hack there page all you need is there url, email address they used to
register there geocities homepage, user name, full name (or name they used
to register there geocities homepage), and birthdate.

3. How To Get The Information

To get there user name go to:

There place= SiliconValley, SiliconValley/park.....You
get the point.

To get there name or the name they registered there geocities homepage:

Talk to the person in person or mabey mirc, powwow, email, or phone.  
Usually people register there geocities homepage with there real name so 
if you know there real name your set.  

To get there birthdate:

Ok this is the hardest part.  Unless you already know the persons birthdate
I would suggest trying to get it in the following ways.

a) Email them as some type of company doing a servay.  And make sure that
one of there questions is what is your birthdate.  This can be done in the
email or over the phone.

To get there email address they used on there geocities application just put
there regular email unless they have to email addresses then fill out the
application (talked about below) and send it.


b) Talk to them online and get a good discussion going and ask, "By the way
what is your birthday?"  If they say why just say, "Because Im a gypsy or
a fortune teller" or just say, "I just want to know your sign."  There 
are many ways to do this.  Use your own if you have to.  I would HIGHLY 
suggest to get it you say your the opposite sex of that person and come on 
to them.  A guy always wants to talk with a girl.

Good now if this all worked you have there url, member name, full name, and 
birthdate.  Lets move on...

4.  Getting There Password

To get there password go to:


Once you get there youm will have to enter ther persons member name,
full name, url, old email address, new email address (the one you are using
as the person) and birthdate.  Hopefully you have all this if not keep trying
to get it.  

5.  What To Do

Ok if the last step worked out then you now have there password or will be
getting there password soon.  Id say about 6 hours.  Well once you have
there password go to:

http://www.geocities.com/homestead/homeprof.html and type in there member
name and password then print out all there information they had then change
all the information to your email address a fake name and shit.  Once you
do this the homepage is yours.

6. Other Usefull Ideas

After you edit there geocities profile I would use the information on there
original profile (THAT YOU PRINTED OUT!) and send death threats to there 
house or even use that information if its correct and get there home phone
number and harass the fuck out of them.

Well most idiots have the same password for multiple things.  Once you get
there password do the following:

If they use mirc and arnt on change your nick to there nick and type: /msg
nickserv identify password (use there geocities password) and if its correct
you now also have there mirc password, check there memos and if they have a
channel go in there and if the channel password is the same take the channel
but if not ask an irc operator for it and since they think you are them you
now have there channel also.  Make sure to change the passwords.

Whatever you do dont use there geocities email to email bomb people cause
email can be traced to your isp and ip.  But make sure to spy in on there 
email and reply to people that email him and say something like, "I hate
you and your a cock hole, fuck your mother."  Then if its somebody they know
at school theyll get there assess kicked! 

Im sure you can think of more things to do to fuck them over.  Till then 
have a blast!

7. Conclusion

I hope this text file I wrote helped you.  You can always try alternative
ways of getting information.  If you find even an easier way make sure to 
email me.

Happy Hacking,

             |            The Loath                |
	     |         [The Great Hate]            |
             |     www.hackers.com/hacker101       |

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