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Hotmail - view someone else's email!





    'Digital-Vortex' posted following.   To view full email  from some
    elses account do the following:

        1. Login normally to Hotmail with your ID (any id)
        2. Use  this  type  of  link  to  view  specific message  from
           specific user:

           From that link change values:
             MSG943322803%2e16 (Message id number, its simply a counter.  %2e=.)
             username          (Hotmail account name to view)

           (remove "%26raw%3d0" if you want to view email as 'emailbox
           view', instead of full raw view.)
           (remove  "&hm___fl=attrd&domain=hotmail.com"  if  you  dont
           like the hotmail frame on top.)
        3. Done.   If you entered  correct message number  & that user
           has it  you will  see it.   (Test it  with your  own  other
           hotmail account messages first to get the idea working.)

    Now typing those  message numbers manually  is too much  work, you
    could create a small utility to automatically scan given range  of
    messages from specific user name.   (You need to build it to  work
    with IE, as you  must be logged in  hotmail when you want  to view

    It also helps to  know that from the  message numbers, in you  own
    hotmail inbox,you can see about  what time is what message  number
    been used. eg:

        - MSG997936971.27 arrived on 16.08.2001.
        - MSG996698372.27 arrived on 01.08.2001.
        - MSG975960863.0  arrived on 04.12.2000.

    So you dont need to scan  as many message addresses when you  know
    from which range you are looking at.


    Nothing yet.

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