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Hotmail allows executing JavaScript code in email messages which may compromise user's Hotmail mailbox.

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(Ed: A quick check of other services that allow you to read your own mail
from any POP3 server found that hotmail isn't the only one with this
problem.  We went to www.thatweb.com and found they have the same problem. 
A test of Yahoo!Mail found that they replace javascript with java-script
anywhere in an e-mail.)

Hotmail security hole - injecting JavaScript using 
Georgi Guninski <joro@nat.bg>

Georgi Guninski security advisory #1, 2000

Hotmail security hole - injecting JavaScript using <IMG


The opinions expressed in this advisory and program are my own and not of
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Georgi Guninski is not liable for any damages caused by direct or indirect
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Guninski, bears NO responsibility for content or misuse of this program or
any derivatives thereof.

Hotmail allows executing JavaScript code in email messages using <IMG
which may compromise user's Hotmail mailbox.


There is a major security flaw in Hotmail which allows injecting and
executing JavaScript code in an email message using the javascript protocol.
This exploit works both on Internet Explorer 5.x (almost sure IE 4.x) and
Netscape Communicator 4.x. Hotmail filters the "javascript:" protocol for
security reasons. But the following JavaScript is executed: <IMG
LOWSRC="javascript:alert('Javascript is executed')"> if the user has enabled
automatically loading of images (most users have).

Executing JavaScript when the user opens Hotmail email message allows for
example displaying a fake login screen where the user enters his password
which is then stolen. I don't want to make a scary demonstration, but it is
also possible to read user's messages, to send messages from user's name and
doing other mischief. It is also possible to get the cookie from Hotmail,
which is dangerous. Hotmail deliberately escapes all JavaScript (it can
escape) to prevent such attacks, but obviously there are holes. It is much
easier to exploit this vulnerability if the user uses Internet Explorer 5.x

Workaround: Disable JavaScript

The code that must be included in HTML email message is:
<IMG LOWSRC="javascript:alert('Javascript is executed')">

Georgi Guninski

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