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Hacking Juno.com

            --+ Juno Hacker Text v1.0 +--

  Ia. What Juno Is
  Ib. How Juno Works
  Ic. How To Read Someone's Mail
  Id. How To Send Files Through Someone's Mail
      Without Them Knowing It
  Ie. Changing The Last User


Ia. What Juno Is

Juno is a a free e-mail program for the Windows
platform (availible at www.Juno.com). You don't need to
have an internet connection to access Juno (once you've
got the software.) It has area codes in just about
everywhere in the United States. It dials up to a local
area phone number, then downloads and sends your mail.
(They make their money from little advertisements
throughout the program.)

Ib. How Juno Works

1.Directory Structure:
   Juno is defaultly installed into your
C:\Program Files\Juno. The users are within that
directory (each user has his own directory) and are easy
to spot because the are the USER000* directories.
Example: C:\Program Files\Juno\USER0001 would be one
user. C:\Program Files\Juno\USER0002 would be another.
To find out which user is in which directory, each USER
folder has a Juno.ini file in it. Open it.
In there you will find something like:


The "User" is the name you are trying to find out (so
you know who's mail you're reading.) The Password is NOT
what Juno uses to decrypt, then check the password. I
have tried deleting it, changing it and everything else,
and I was still able to log in with my normal password.
As of the time this file was written, I do not know how
the password structure works.
(but that's ok.. we wont need it) ;-]

2.Address Books
   The address books are (of course) email
addresses saved by the user so he doesn't have to
remember them. They are in the USER's folder with the
name "addrbook.nv". open it with Edit (DOS's way of
editing things.. type: "edit filename" to edit a file
in DOS) and see how it works. Note: if you try to edit
it with Notepad, it will save it as a .txt even if you
change it to "all files". You can add, delete, or edit
addresses.. If you want to mess them up so that they
get all returned mail, make it something that they wont
to B0BSMITH@WHATEVER.COM (notice the "O" changed to "0")

Here is what several of the files are:
  -Inbox FOLD0000.FRM
  -Outbox FOLD0001.FRM
  -Deleted FOLD0002.FRM
  -Sent FOLD0003.FRM
  -Draft FOLD0004.FRM
  -AutoSave FOLD0005.FRM

Ic. How To Read Someone's Mail

Just open thier fold0000.frm file in Edit. They are all
stored in the same file.

Id. How To Send Files Through Someone's Mail
    Without Them Knowing It

Juno's Outbox is stored in the fold0001.frm file (as
shown above). Open that in DOS with Edit and put the
following text.

<----From here---->

this_is_ the_email_message.
                   From: Whoever
To: person@domain.com
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 11:15:18 -0600
Subject: this_is_the_subject_line...
X-Status: Unsent
X-Juno-Att: 0
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<----To Here---->

Then in Edit press "alt" (to get the menu).
Select "File" then "Save".
IMPORTANT: The next time the person starts up Juno, he
will be prompted: "Just get mail" or "Get AND Send
mail". There really isn't much to worry about if the
person isn't a heavy thinker. But if they look around a
little bit, they'll find your message. But I've never
had anyone notice so far. ;-]

Ie. Changing The Last User

When the last person who used juno exits, Juno
automatically saves that person to disk so that next
time Juno is started up again, the last user to access
it is the one appearing on the drop-down box. This is
no big deal, but if you want to say to someone "I wasn't
the last one on", here is your "proof". Open the
C:\Program Files\Juno\Lib\Juno.ini file. Scroll down
until you see this:

Last user=USER_NAME
Session ended=TRUE
Recovery failed=

Now, just change the user name to one that exists on
the computer you are using. If you try to change it to
a user name that doesn't exist on your computer, it wont


This phile may be destributed freely.


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