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Namezero.com Exploit HAC:

Namezero.com exploit

By: mike5k

Grettz J-59, Landstalk, sn00p, fedor, and da paki iga

For help with this sploit msg cheesev1 on efnet .

OK, this is very simple to do so here goes the steps!

**** This sploit has been tested with Microsoft IE

1) When you sign on on the namezero under you regular login in control panel make sure you have Internet explorer password memorizing on and log into your account.

2) Make sure you are still logged in and then simply type in controlpanel.target.com in the ulr box.

3) Then when you click on the blank box on the new control panel it should fill in your info again and then simply click login and your in!

4) Now you can mess with your friends and change their page around! Have fun!


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