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Get rid of the Tripod ad

How to rid yourself of the Tripod Ad
A Grrrreat Big Hole discovered by Lanham

I decided to publish this hack, simply because
the old hack no longer works.

The tripod system inspects your HTML immediatly
when you upload it, and generously contributes
a few lines of javascript, that just happen to
activate that annoying little popup :o(...
It so happens that it inserts the code right
after the <HEAD> tag.
So leave out the <HEAD> tag, and presto, the
Tripod system assumes it's not an HTML file,
and doesn't insert it's code.
You can still use the tags that are normally included
in the head, just put the right after the <HTML>
tag, then go ahead and close the Head as usual </HEAD>.

For the latest info on hackable webspace, go
to undernet #the|room. You'll find me there
in the nightime hours US Central Standard time.

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