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How to defeat the ad in your Tripod homepage

How to defeat the Tripod Advertisement on your webpage.

Hole Discovered by JASAlot
Submitted to the HackerZ Hideout
Edited by kM

Well here it is. 
Anyone who makes a homepage at tripod knows that they put these annoying ads
on your page and you have to pay them money to get them off.  Well I have figured out a 
way to remove them.

First goto your page and click save as on the Netscape toolbar, Save it as 

Now go into notepad, and edit the file.
What you have to do is delete the line of text that has a tripod ad code on it
then replace it with this text <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> 

The reason for this will be explained later
Now, delete your webpage from the tripod server.

Goto start page from scratch (on the tripod page) 
Give it the same file name as your old one and cut and paste the page you edited in notepad.
After you save your page take a look at it and you'll see that those annoying ads are gone!

Pretty Cool huh?

Take a look at this page for an example

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