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google office suite indexing mechanism leaks info
20th Nov 2001 [SBWID-4863]

	google office suite indexing mechanism leaks info


	google search engine @ www.google.com


	Vincent GAILLOT posted following :

	[Editors note : this is to be looked  at  along  with  Phrack  issue  47
	article 10, @ www.phrack.org]

	Google indexes documents from  Word,  Excel  or  Powerpoint.  Experiment
	words and expression (with \") to look for, such as :

	1)\"Index of /admin\"

	2)\"Index of /password\"

	3)\"Index of /mail\"

	4)\"Index of /\" +banques +filetype:xls (for france...)

	5)\"Index of /\" +passwd

	6)\"Index of /\" password.txt


	And you can continue as long as your imaginatio is active.  For  example
	this  leaks  informations  from  the  central  banks  of  Luxemboug  and
	Switzerland ...



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