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IBM AIX Anonymous ftp vulnerability


CA-92:09                        CERT Advisory
                               April 27, 1992
                       AIX Anonymous FTP Vulnerability

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has
received information concerning a vulnerability in the anonymous FTP
configuration in all versions of AIX.

IBM is aware of this problem and a fix is available as apar number
"ix23944".  This patch is available for all AIX releases from "GOLD".

IBM customers may call IBM Support (800-237-5511) and ask that the fix
be shipped to them.  Patches may be obtained outside the U.S. by contacting 
your local IBM representative.  The fix will appear in the upcoming 2009 
update and the next release of AIX.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

I.   Description

     Previous versions of the anonymous FTP installation script,
     /usr/lpp/tcpip/samples/anon.ftp, incorrectly configured various files
     and directories.

II.  Impact

     Remote users can execute unauthorized commands and gain access to the
     system if anonymous FTP has been installed.

III. Solution

     A.  Obtain the fix from IBM Support.  The fix contains three
         files: a "readme" file (README.a23944), the fix installation
         script (install.a23944), and an archive containing the updated
         files (PATCH.a23944.Z).

     B.  Install the fix following the instructions in the README file.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The CERT/CC would like to thank Charles McGuire of the Computer Science
Department, the University of Montana for bringing this security
vulnerability to our attention and IBM for their response to the problem.
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you believe that your system has been compromised, contact CERT/CC or
your representative in FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).

Internet E-mail: cert@cert.org
Telephone: 412-268-7090 (24-hour hotline)
           CERT/CC personnel answer 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. EST(GMT-5)/EDT(GMT-4),
           on call for emergencies during other hours.

Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (CERT/CC)
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

Past advisories, information about FIRST representatives, and other
information related to computer security are available for anonymous ftp
from cert.org (

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