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Ultrix usr/bin/mail Problem

              The Computer Incident Advisory Capability
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                          Information Bulletin

July 8, 1991, 1100 PDT                                        Number B-32

PROBLEM:  Bug in /usr/bin/mail may allow users unauthorized access to 
          a root shell
PLATFORM:  DEC VAX and RISC (DECStation and DECSystem) computers running 
          versions of Ultrix prior to 4.2. 
DAMAGE:   Potential for significant damage to system and unauthorized 
          access to users' files once an intruder has gained root access.  
SOLUTIONS:   Patch available through DEC Customer Support Center 
          (1-800-332-8000) or CIAC.
	 Critical Facts about /usr/bin/mail Security Problem
A recently discovered bug in Ultrix /usr/bin/mail may allow a
non-privileged user to obtain unauthorized access to a root shell.
This problem applies to all Ultrix versions prior to 4.2 running on
both the VAX and DEC RISC (i.e. DECStation and DECSystem)
architectures.  DEC has determined that the /usr/bin/mail program
provided in Ultrix 4.2 does not contain this bug, and is compatible
with Ultrix 4.1 systems.  However, version 4.2 of /usr/bin/mail has
not been shown to be compatible with versions of Ultrix previous to
Ultrix version 4.1; upgrading to Ultrix 4.2 or upgrading to Ultrix 4.1
and using the Ultrix 4.2 /usr/bin/mail program is required to
eliminate this bug in these older versions of Ultrix.

To update an Ultrix 4.1 system, you must first obtain the Ultrix 4.2
binary of /usr/bin/mail for your computer's architecture from DEC,
CIAC, or another compatible Ultrix 4.2 system and store it in a
temporary location (e.g., /tmp/mail).  Next, use the following

(Login as root - you must have root privilege to make this update.)
  # cd /usr/bin
  # mv mail mail-4.1
  # chmod 600 mail-4.1
(Copy the Ultrix 4.2 binary to /usr/bin/mail, e.g., mv /tmp/mail /usr/bin/mail)
  # chown root mail
  # chgrp kmem mail
  # chmod 6755 mail

For additional information or assistance, please contact CIAC   

	Hal Brand
        (415) 422-6312 or (FTS) 532-6312

 	Call CIAC at (415) 422-8193 or (FTS) 532-8193 or send e-mail
 	to ciac@cheetah.llnl.gov.  

 	Send FAX messages to:  (415) 423-0913 or (FTS) 543-0913.

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