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How to bypass 403 bans



November 30 1998
Written by J.C.
Legion Of Magic

This text is for educational and informational purposes only.

I thought of one more addition to this text  and I decided it was worth adding.
I wanted to visit
the Hackersclub Library, but the proxy at the same site that inspired me to
write the first part
of this text wouldn't let me visit 'www.hackersclub.com', so I went to
'hackersclub.com'(no 'www.')
and I managed to visit the site, unfettered by the fickle proxy, with the idea

As you can see, the banned name has a 'www' in it and the non-banned name is
just the domain -- no
'www' involved. Think about 'www.hackersclub.com'. The 'www' machine is simply a
subdomain of
'hackersclub.com'. So, leave the 'www' out! What I imagine many sysadmins do is
ban the 'www.'
section of a given domain and not ban the whole domain. Banning one subdomain
(the 'www' subdomain)
will *still leave the main domain and other non-banned subdomains able to be

In fact, you can connect to most websites with just the domain, no 'www.'
needed, For example, to
visit the AltaVista search engine I could visit 'altavista.com' instead of

Both 'www.hackersclub.com' and 'hackersclub.com' resolve to the same IP -- So if 
'hackersclub.com' is let through and 'www.hackersclub.com' is not let through,
then it is a good
bet that the proxy bans names, and does not resolve IPs and ban the IPs (since
the IPs are the same.
Knowing that fact might come in handy later...)

Hi to [warlock] (for putting up with me), Braxus, kM for hosting muh texts,
Stryker, BloodSpill,
LordPsYchO, Bish-OP/wermboy (and his sister), ProtocoLD and miscellaneous
friends at #hackersclub
that I have neglected/am too lazy to mention...

"The Internet is great. Now one can be lonely with other people."


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