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Beating the Porn Banner Blues - Or, dealing with pages/FTPs that force you to visit a list of porno sites to get the password!

 last update: 5 Jul 00

                                 Anti Porn

 You've all no doubt seen pages covered in porn banner voting links.
 Alot of the time the banners are used for 'hunt the password' game.
 Quite often the resulting passworded page really goes nowhere,
 therefore a trick to get your clicks.

 If you know that the password is for an ftp site then before you do
 anything check that it's alive. Try and connect to the ftp without the
 password and see what happens, the site may not even be real. The 'hunt
 the password' game normally goes either of 2 ways ...

 1st link - find the 7th letter of the 8th word
 2nd link - find the 3rd letter of the 5th word
 etc, etc, etc.....
 all the letters together to form the password.
 (the number of links you have to check could be from 1 to 8)

 1st link - find the missing word - "blah blah blah ______ blah blah blah"
 (this one only uses one link as the whole word forms the password)

 A slight variant of the above is - find the 1st letter of the missing
 word - - "blah blah blah ______ blah blah blah"
 Now, as i've said on my 'The Basics' page, you MUST be able to see the
 url that is under the mouse.

 Here is a list of some of the banner links so you know what they look

 http://www.cyberthrill.com/cgi-bin/sponsor/mla/ricochet.cgi?-### (not
 porn but an online gambling site)
 ### = a number
 Now, what you do is copy/paste the url into your browser and trim it back
 to the domain.

 eg. 'http://www.videosexchannels.com/?acb=###' trimmed becomes
 Goto this new trimmed url, and you will see an enter button, click it to
 enter and see the main page of the site.
 Look around and find the missing letter or word.

 It seems that most of these porn sites don't change their main page much,
 so what you could do is offline the page using Teleport Pro or a similar
 Store the pages locally and refer to them as needed.
                               LeoGetz 2000

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