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Beating the Top 50 Blues - Or, dealing with warez pages covered with bogus Top 50 voting links

 last update: 5 Jul 00

                                  Anti T50

 You've all no doubt seen at least one T50, T69, T100, T10,000,000,000 page
 covered in bogus voting links.

 I'll use the term 'T50' as a general assumption for pages of this type.

 T50 is a ranking system for warez pages, the visitors to a site vote or
 rather the visitors are TRICKED into voting.

 This is done by covering the pages in fake or misleading links that
 actually vote for the site.

 There ARE some good pages out there that do deserve your vote, that is
 if you do CHOOSE to vote, but sadly most are crap, have all the same
 file links, which contains alot of shareware.

 ** The latest trick is the page will say that if you don't click on a
 special link, the download will be corrupted. This is not true and just
 another way of getting a sponsor hit from you.

 ** There's also a new page entry scheme, more info towards the bottom
 of this page. A common T50 page looks like -

                    Crap here........and here ..........
                          .......More crap.........
                         ...nice BIG FAKE entry ...
                          ..screenfulls of crap....

                 REAL entry link here in an oh so small font
                         or hidden amongst the crap

 This type of 'not so obvious' entry link can also be seen on alot of
 the pages contained within a site, resulting in alot of crap between
 you and the good stuff, that is IF the page HAS any good stuff.

 Another tactic they use is a list of bogus mirrors which are either ALL
 voting links with the real entry link at the bottom of the page, or
 there is only one good entry link amidst the mirrors.

                        mirror 1 - fake voting link
                        mirror 2 - fake voting link
                        mirror 3 - REAL entry link
                        mirror 4 - fake voting link

 Now, as i've said on my 'The Basics' page, you MUST be able to see the
 url that is under the mouse.

 Here is a list of some of the voting links so you know what they look

 ### = a number

 A real Example Someone in the newsgroups has provided a real-life
 example for the info on this page and my 'The Basics' page.

 New Serial Cracks engine! - http://tommydeath.cjb.net/

 cjb.net urls refresh to a new page -
 So, if this page was worth bookmarking i'd bookmark the above url and add
 the referrer, cjb.net url, to the bookmark title.

 mirrors ...
 1 - http://www.cyberthrill.com/cgi-bin/sponsor/warezrevolution/ricochet.cgi?-#
 2 - http://www.t69.com/cgi-bin/topscripts/warez/topsites.cgi?#
 3 - http://www.cyberthrill.com/cgi-bin/sponsor/warezrevolution/ricochet.cgi?-#
 4 - (fake entry) - http://www.t69.com/cgi-bin/topscripts/warez/topsites.cgi?#
 5 - (REAL entry) - http://linz.orf.at/gast/tommy/temp/index2.htm

 With javascript turned off it's hard to navigate the site, so we view
 source and what do we see ...

 <applet code="fphover.class" codebase="_fpclass" width="120" height="24">
 <param name="text" value="Warez">
 <param name="color" value="#0000FF">
 <param name="hovercolor" value="#FF0000">
 <param name="textcolor" value="#FFFF00">
 <param name="effect" value="glow">
 <param name="font" value="Dialog">
 <param name="fontstyle" value="bold">
 <param name="fontsize" value="15">
 <param name="target" value="main">
 <param name="url" valuetype="ref" value="~warez.htm">

 It's the lines <param name="url" valuetype="ref" value="~warez.htm"> that
 we are looking for.
 Adjust the url in your browser by changing the filename at the end using
 the ones listed in the applet code.

 This page isn't worth remembering as the warez, ftp & cracks page are
 search engine links/entry forms.
 There is a new entry scheme to access various Apps, Download, 0-day, etc,
 pages on various sites now.

 You are supposed to click 2 'vote' buttons and then an 'enter' button.
 Here is an example of the javascript code to look for in the page source -

 function Entrance(){
 if (enter != 0){
 self.location= "s1.shtml";

 This is an example of the 'Enter' button code -

 <input name=Button1 onClick=Entrance(); type=button value="Enter App
 The 'onClick' event of the button calls the function called 'Entrance()'.
 What we are looking for is - self.location= "s1.shtml";
 That is the actual name of the target page.
 Add it to the base url (http://www.domain.com/s1.shtml)
 the appropriate url if the site uses nested folders

                                LeoGetz 2000

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