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Microsoft SharePoint Portal and Team Services

There is a bug in how the authentication mode works with the web-based 

administration page.

This page resides, in the Web Servers with Sharepoint, in 

http://www.example.com/_layouts/settings.htm or


This page is usually protected by NT Basic or NTLM authentication. The trick to see this page consist in modify the IE security slidebar, in Security tab, to HIGH. The process is as follow:

- Check Security: Tools ->  Options ->  Security ->  Security Medium.

- Browse to /_layouts/settings.htm page.

- NT Basic or NTLM Window is shown.

- Click on Cancel ->  You see "You are not authorized to view this page"

- Change Security to HIGH and press F5 for refresh.

- The page is shown with some error and incomplete, but we don't need user or password to see it and some links are fully funtional. 

To search Servers with SharePoint, go to Google and type 

"/_layouts/settings.htm/" (with quotes). We are looking for "Site Settings. Use this page to change the settings of this Web site".

Other interesting searchs are:



Sorry for my bad english.

OS ->    Windows 2000 Profesional SP4

IE ->    6.0.2800.1126 SP1

Windows.Update 11/18/2003

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