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bsdbsdftpd-6.0-ssl-0.6.1-1 attack allows remote users identification

Product bsbsdftpd-6.0-ssl-0.6.1-1 http://bsdftpd-ssl.sc.ru/

During a pen-test we have notice how is easy to identify valid users on
vulnerable systems, through a simple timing attack.

When I try to connect to ftp without ssl using a unreal user with bad 
password I get
immediatly response of incorrect login, when I use real user with bad
password I get 2 second of wait before get message of incorrect login.

It seems to be very nice to the recent CAN-2003-0190 about OpenSSH/PAM
timing attack allows remote users identification

I have tested this on Linux RH 7.3 and RH 8.0

I belive the vulnerability is easy to exploit and may have high
severity, if combined with poor password policies and other security
problems that allow local privilege escalation.

Alessandro Fiorenzi

a.fiorenzi@infogroup.it aka netexpress

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