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The Double Proxy Method - getting past 403 bans

From: Viri Virus <viri_virus@hotmail.com>
To: km@hackersclub.com <km@hackersclub.com>
Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 1:36 PM

An article I would like to submit:

The Double proxy method
By: ViRi-
This article is to be read after you read the article on the Ď403í proxy 
Oh and of course donít come nocking at my email door when you get kicked 
out of school, suspended, or even arrested with whatever you do with 
this info.  Itís your ass not mine.......
The Double Proxy method

	Have you ever been at school (for those who still go), and were on the 
computers and tried to goto www.2600.com or something else of that sort?  
Of course you get something like Canít access this damn place cause we 
donít want you there.  And of course you have tried the methods of the 
article before this one called Getting pass 403 proxy bans, but it still 
wonít let you in?  Well there is hope yet.
	First to start off with I am going to tell you some ways that *might* 
work effectivly.  Most of these are from the article on Ď403í bans but 
the Double proxy method is my own.  
	1. Try taking the www. off of the address.  Sometimes that works.
	2. Try using mIRC or something like a DNS tool to lookup the IP of the 
address and use the IP instead. ex: http://123.45.567 instead of 
	3. Try using .net instead of .com some sites have both.  
	4. Look for mirrior addresses for the place and use them.  They might 
	5. Use the Double proxy method.  Yep thats right.  This is almost 
unstoppable.  I have yet a way to stop it. And here it is:

	The Double Proxy Method(DPM) is just using one site to hide another 
one.  I run our schoolís network prety much and can always remove the 
proxy and just browse, but what would the fun in that be?(no you canít 
just click donít use proxy, etc)  So I found this.  All you do is goto 
www.cyberarmy.com or an alike site and scroll down until you see the box 
where you enter a address and browse anonymously using their proxy  like 
thing.  So if I want to goto 2600.com I just goto www.cyberarmy.com and 
enter in the address ex: www.2600.com and hit submit.  Wow guess what 
comes up?  FREE KEVIN!!!!

	No this doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure this out but still 
its a good method.  And if www.cyberarmy.com is blocked you just go to a 
computer and download the cgi code to run your own proxy like thing and 
presto you have the Double Proxy Method.  (Using one proxy to hid the 
real site from the original proxy.)  Pretty slick eh?

By the way please donít rip this sorry text.  That would be incredably 
lame and you would never see anything from me again.  So if you do, hope 
I donít learn anything realy cool or slick cause Iíll be the only one 
that knows it.  
 Meet me on irc.webmaster.com in #Auto_Kill
mail me @:  Viri_Virus@hotmail.com flames and compliments alike.

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