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Hacking an account on cyberspace.com

Okay... here's howta hack an acct on cyberspace.com:
1) make a new account. the sysop won't have to validate this, so you can put
   whatever the fuck you want for any of your info
2) call back and log in as VALIDATE
3) it'll ask you for your login. put whatever you did when you loged in as
4) it'll then ask you for the code you got from the 1-900 number
5) put in 2153878^H^H    (hit enter)
                          ^do it, don't type it
6) it should ask you "Is this you? [y/n] " after displaying your info,
   select y and it'll validate you
6b) if it says "Invalid pin number." or "Invalid pin #!" then try pins like
    2153870 or 2153875 ... keep changing the last two numbers untill it
    displays your info and asks "Is this you? [y/n]"

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