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Hacking Porn Sites

From the-avatar@NoSPAM-2418.myhideout.com Thu Jun 25 15:32:03 1998
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Subject: [info] Hacking porn sites
From: the-avatar@NoSPAM-2418.myhideout.com
Date: 25 Jun 1998 22:32:03 GMT

I have a real dull life so I figured I'd post this.




I don't do this, or condone the use of this... I made up this file for informational use only. See, I found a

way to screw with 

certain sites, so I'm telling others how. There is alaways a chance you could screw up and get caught,

so I don't want to 

recommend you doing this. But if you decide to, then what the hell !!!! Have fun. 


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


                                 Getting Started

                              Living Somewhere Else

                               Staying Anonymous





Alright, anxious to hack porno sites, are you ???? Well, I'm going to make this whole damn thing as

short and easy to 

understand as possible. First off, I suggest you have of download Netspace 4.0 or higher. Only because

that's what I use and it 

should make things easier to understand. 

Ok, you have Netscape 4.0.. Good.... Next thing you want is a low profile while surfing the web. The first

thing you need to do 

is turn off your "cookies". What are "cookies" you ask ???  If you use the web alot, then you probably

have collected several 

"cookies" on your computers hard disc, without realizing it. 

"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are sent automatically from a web server to a client's

computer. They can be 

stored on the clients hard disc, where they act as "labels", showing that the user has visited a particular

page. If the user goes 

back and visits the same website at a later date, the web server will detect the presence of one of its

"cookies" on the users 

computer, and even modify the page accordingly. http://www.yahoo.com uses "cookies" to do this on


So you definityly want to shut your cookies off.  To shut them off, go to the top of your screen and click

on "edit", then go to 

"preferences", then click on "advanced. You will see where you have choices as to your cookies. click to

"disable cookies". 

Secound, while your there, turn off  "Java" and "Java Script". Shure they are cool shit, but with "Java" and

"Java Script" on, 

sites can find out stuff like your e-mail address. Once they have that, all they have to run is a simple

e-mail check thru a place 

like Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com) and they can find out where you get your internet service from, where

you live, your name 

and home phone number. And that would definetely suck wouldn't it. 

Ok, next you need a way to get into these pay sites. So you want to download a "credit card generator".

This little prog will 

create valid credit card numbers for you to use at these pay sites. They will accept the number, give you

access ( login, 

password) and you have free porn..... until they see that you've fucked them, and they delete your

account. But don't worry, by 

that time you'll have probably already looked through the whole damn site anyway. A good place to get

one of the generators is 

at http://www.lordsomer.com his site has been hard to get into lately, if you can't get in there, go to a

search engine and type in 

"Carding", "Hacking, and "Credit Card Generators" you should get about 30,000 + sites.Go visit some of

the sites that you 

find. You will also find programs at many of these sites for "calling card generators, e-mail bombs,

password cracking 

programs and more. Most of these programs are in zip format. if you don't have zip. go to

http://www.winzip.com and 

download their trial version for free. 


Ok, cool, you've got your cookies, Java and Java Script turned off, you have some cool new programs you

found at some of 

these sites that you want to try, but first, you need to make it look like you're not from where you really

are from. This is 

probably the most time comsuming part of all. I have heard that many "hackers" use the service of

Anonymizer ( 

http://www.anonymizer.com ) to keep them from being traced, but the fact is anonymizer logs all visits to

see where your going 

and why you want to be anonymous, Doesn't this kinda defeat the purpose ????? They also want $15.00

a year for you to surf 

anonymous, or you can surf using the free part of their page, but its too damn slow. I think they put a

30-60 secound delay on it 

to make you want to sign up for their pay service. 

Anyways, no need to use anonymizer. You can use something that works almost the exact same way.

Its called a proxy server. 

Its basically a firewall that makes it seem as if you are living and getting your internet somewhere else.

this is how it works: 

                                          Surfing Normally: 

                                    your account>-access->porn site 

                                   your account<-send data-<porn site 


That's how it happens when you surf the usual way, you go to the site, and they can see what your IP is,

and they can trace you 

back, contact your IP  and oh  shit !!!!!!! You're in trouble. So use a proxy server, and they will think you

live somewhere like 

Japan, even if you live in the USA. This is how a proxy server works: 


                                     Surfing using a Proxy Server: 

                           your account>-access->proxy server>-access->porn site 

                        your account<-send data-<proxy server<-send data-<porn site 


So what you are doing is logging into a proxy server from your ISP account. Now, if when you find a cool

proxy server, they 

let you use theirs, and they don't log IP addresses !! That means you logged onto a proxy, they don't give

a shit who you are, 

so they don't get your IP logged. Then you go to a porno site. Since you live in the USA, the porno site

would normally see you 

live in the USA, but lets say your using a proxy server over in Japan. The porn site is sending all its data

to the proxy server in 

Japan, then the proxy server sends the data to you. The porn site just figures that your some horny dude

in Japan !!! But what 

happens when the porn site finds out that your using a fake credit card number ???  This is what the

thoughts of the dude would 

look like: Some fuckhead signed up using a fake credit card. Now what do we do ?? We'll check our logs

and find out who 

did this !!!  " Oh fuck", some moron in Japan signed up !! Lets contact him.....Shit! It's on a fuckin proxy

server and the idiots 

in Japan didn't even keep a log of who used it. Oh well, we'll just delete this account....... After all, it does

take up to much of 

our time to take the fucker to court. It's only a $15 account and it would take thousands to take the

fucker to court, and try to 

put him in jail. 

So you see how it works ??? the Anonymizer doesn't even let you say you live in Japan, Korea or where

ever. It'll just say your 

in the US under their dumb fake IP thing. The porno site could contact them.....And your could get into

trouble. So use a proxy 

server instead. 

Alright cool, now you need to find a proxy server. finding proxy servers is easy. Go to any search engine

and type in: "proxy 

server", and a huge amout of sites that have proxy servers will come up. The time consuming part is

finding a good one. Once 

you do find one, do this: 


                     -go to the top of the page of Netspace and click on edit 

                     -choose "preferences" 

                     -pick "advanced" 

                     -pick  "proxies" 

                     -click on "manual proxy configuration" 

                     -then click on "view" 

                     -where it says: "http" put in the proxy server ( ie: proxy.inter.net) 

                     -under "port" enter in the port number (ie: 8080) 

                     -click "ok" 

That's it, now you just surf. You'll be using the proxy server of the inter.net or whatever one you picked.

Now you gotta see if 

it's a good one.... go to : http://www.tamos.com/bin/proxy.cgi   and see what it says. If it says "proxy

server detected" that 

means that they're keeping track of your IP and that means you may get detected. Then find another

proxy. If it says: "proxy 

server not detected" then you know that you got a good one, and they are not keeping track of you, and

where you're going. 

But just to be certain visit Anonymizers snoop page at:  http://www.anonymizer.com/snoop.cgi    and

see what it says. Usually 

without using a proxy server it would say: (pretent your using inter.net to get your internet) 

your connection provider is Inter.net 

Your Internet browser is Mozilla/4.04[en] 

(Win95; I; 32bit; Nav) 

You are comming from Anonymizers homepage 

But lets say you have a proxy server in Japan, it would look like this: 

Your connection provider is located in Japan 

Your Internet browser is Mozilla/4.04[en] 

(Win95; I; 32bit; Nav) 

You are coming from the Anonymizer homepage. 

So cool, now your some dude in Japan (or where ever) I even sent a e-mail to my hotmail account. Every

Hotmail e-mail says 

the IP address on it, and I was supprised when it had the IP address of a place in Japan. Totally


THAT'S IT !!!!!!!!!! 

Cool, now you can sign up for porno sites with your fake credit card nunbers that you got from the

generator program, and you 

stay anomyous!!!! Have fun with it, and just imaging what else you could do. You can buy almost

anything. cd's, computers, 

stereos and etc... just find an vacant building or house and make sure there are street numbers on it and

have the stuff sent 

there. I have heard of people I know, picking up receipts from parking lots and mall floors and using the

credit card numbers 

on those receipts the same way !!! 

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS...................................................... 


           It's easy. First off, you need to have a website, if you don't have one

           already go to a place like  xoom or geocities and set up a w

           It's easy. First off, you need to have a website, if you don't have one

           already go to a place like  xoom or geocities and set up a website.

           Then go to Adultcheck and sign up for their webmaster's banner

           program. Once they check to be sure that you have the banner up

           on your site, they will active your webmaster id. The cool thing is

           that you webmaster id will allow you to get into any of the almost

           11,000 sites that Adultcheck protects. It has cost you nothing and

           they haven't even made sure that you are over 21. You must follow

           their rules for this to work. Your site should have some adult content

           as they will check your site, guaranteed. It takes about 5 days for

           them to activate the account.


           Hacking into adultcheck is not that hard at all. First you have to go to

           Adult check   

           and go to the members section. When it ask you for a login

           password do this:  

                Take the first four numbers of a common credit card ie:

                               6011 for Discover

                            3727 and 3728 for Amex

                              4824 or 4495 for visa

           Actually there are several starting combo's for Mastercard and Visa,

           so choose one from a majior bank. So anyway. take those first four

           numbers and then add a common first name to the end of it. ie:

           6011 mike, 6011bill, 6011jason, or 3817mike and etc. It generally

           takes less than 15 minutes of this to get in. Just keep changing the


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