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Hacking Web Pages

Originally an Email to me.

this one is on hacking web pages, and i included alot more information
on other methods than the traditional passwd file method, which most the
web page texts are on in the library right now. I fixed this one so it
doesn't scroll on and on like my text on passwd files [=. Goat

              -***Hacking Web Pages***-
                       by Goat

   Please know that hacking webpages is consitered lame
 in many's opinions, and it will most likly not give 
you a good reputation. People can always check logs 
once notified of hacking and most likly your address 
will come up and then at worst they will press charges 
for some elaborate computer crimes law and you will
goto prison for up to 10 years and owe alot of $. So 
please attempt to refrain from abusing your knowlage
 on this subject. This is for informational purposes

	"Free" Web Pages 

    Free webpages is web page hosting companies
like Tripod and Geocities that host peoples web pages
for free and make money off advertising. There is ways
to hack these companies and have access to all users,
but it would be to complex for most people. This way 
is simply social engineering which is not very hard to
do, so don't proclaim yourself an Uberhacker because 
you vandalised a poor guy's webpage, who just happened 
to have his information on his site. All you have to do
is set up an account with a free email service like 
hotmail and find your target. On your targets page up 
need to have the date of birth, name, and their old 
email, or instead of the DOB there address (I have lost
my pass to a smaller company, and they needed the 
address i had registered with). All these free web page
companies have their "verification" for people who have
lost there password to their page. All their is to it 
is once you have this information is you either email 
the company telling them you changed your email address
and once that is done wait about 2 weeks and then email
them again saying that you lost your password. Most will
email you telling you that you need some sort of 
verification, like the DOB or Address. In which you 
email them back and tell them and get a new password. 
On the other hand, companies like Geocities are too 
busy for email so they have set up a web site where 
members can get there password back 

	User's Pages

     There is many different methods of hacking users
web pages on a server. I will attempt to list as many
ways possible but don't expect very much in depth 
      Getting Passwords
     Okay suppose you found a page you want to hack, 
that is on someone elses server thats a basic server, 
light security. Okay very light security. I will be
 truthful. This pretty much works on servers with no 
security [=.
Getting a passwd file is pretty easy. Simply telnet 
into the servers FTP anonymously and look in the ETC 
directory and get the file called Passwd.
Another way to get them is to find your target and in 
a WWW browser type 
cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd after 
the servers name. For example the name may be 
http://www.hackme.com/, you would goto
http://www.hackme.com/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd except instead of www.hackme.com you would replace that with your targets URL.
You may get a passwd file that has no user accounds,
but only defaults which where the encrypted password 
should be a * would be in its place. On certain servers
with this you may have a shadowed passwd but on all 
passwd files i have come across there is some user 
names like FTP and NEWS that have no encrypted passwords
which is replaced with *. If you find only this and no
encrypted passwds you probably have found a fixed 
passwd file and you must try another method of hacking
the server. You need to examine this file and look for 
a line in the text that looks like this:
rrc:uXDg04UkZgWOQ:201:4:Richard Clark:/export/home/rrc:/bin/kshdoes not need to look exactly like that, the only important part it needs it the uXDg04UkZgWOQ and rcc, which is the login part. Get a program called John the Ripper whcih can be found on any hacking site on the web. If you are to lazy, or stupid to find one on the web heres a good place to go for newbies http://www.hackersclub.com/km/
I will not go in depth right here on passwd files, but i
have written a text on passwd's going good into the 
subject which can be found at 
Anyway, using John the Ripper is easy, if you want to
quickly hack something give the command (in DOS prompt)
"john passwd -single" Replace "passwd" in there with
the name of the passwd file, you may have saved it as 
passwd.txt or something. An important thing to remember
is that the passwd file needs to be in the same 
directory as John. To see a list of other methods for 
cracking a passwd file, just type John and it will give
you a list of commands. I have found john won't work
for me with wordlists but other people say that it 
works fine for them. You can use incremental mode 
(to use that the command is "John passwd -incremental"
It takes like a few days to finish so I wouldn't really
want it to let it go on forever and ever if it was 
just some normal passwd file. Unless its like NASA's 
passwd file (keep dreaming, they probably change 
passwords everyday and that file is very outdated)
I wouldn't want to use that too much.  To see a 
complete list of John's cracking capabilities, just
type john and it will give you a list of commands 
that you may use. 


   If you Have an Account with the Users Server

   The next section is on how you can hack a webpage if
you already have an account with the server. 

    This was taken from a text by Lord Somer and since 
i don't want to butcher something important out of it 
I will just keep the text in its whole form. 
       Exploiting Net Adminstration CGI (taken from a text by Lord Somer)     
                   # Exploiting Net Administration Cgi's #
                   # like nethosting.com                 #
                   # Written by:Lord Somer               #
                   # Date:9/2/97                         #

  Well since nethosting.com either shutdown or whatever I figured what the hell before I forget
how I did the more recent hacks etc... I'd tell you how so maybe you'll find the same sys 
elsewhere or be able to use it for ideas.

  Basically Nethosting.com did all it's administration via cgi's at net-admin.nethosting.com,
well you need an account, card it if necessary, log in to net-administration, you'll see crap
like ftp administration, email, etc... who really cares about e-mail so we'll go to ftp.
Click on ftp administration.  Lets say you were logged in as 7thsphere.com your url would be 
something like:

Just change the 7thsphere.com to any domain on the sys or if in the chmod cgi just del that part
but keep the + sign and you edit the /usr/home dir.  In the ftp administration make a backdoor
account to that domain by creating an ftp who's dir is / since multiple /// still means /.

Once you have your backdoor have fun.  Oh yeah and in the email you can add aliases like I did
to rhad's e-mail account at 7thsphere, why the hell is he on that winsock2.2 mailing list?

Well the basic theory of this type of exploitation is that:
- the cgi is passed a paramater which we change to something else to edit it's info
- since it uses the stuff after the + to check that it's a valid logged
  in account(like hotmail does), it dosen't check the password again.
- multiple ///'s in unix just mean a /, thus we can get access to people's dir or the entire
   /usr/home dir

I used this method for hacking a few well known places:
and several other unknown sites.

Please remember if you ever use a method of mine please credit me and link to my site thanks.

# Contact Info:                        #
#  E-mail: webmaster@lordsomer.com     #
#  ICQ:    1182699                     #
#  Site: The Hackers Layer             #
#        http://www.lordsomer.com      #
#  Other Sites:                        #
#        Hackers Club                  #
#        http://www.hackersclub.com/km #

      Other Ways Of Hacking User Pages

    Another method that may work with really stupid 
Admins is sometimes, when you FTP to a server, you can 
leave your home directory and go back a few directories
and find your targets directory. Once you have done 
that if you can access the HTML files and save them 
to disk and then "edit them". The HTML files may or 
may not be stored on FTP but with smarter admins they 
are not accessable by other users. 

     Things that Don't Fit In Other Catagories 

     There are many more ways of hacking web pages. 
Peoples stupidity is a good way. Many passwords are 
guessable if they are not hackable. Its not hacking 
but simply using a persons stupidity. If you were to 
get root on a server you could have access to 
everything on the server, so if you wanted to hack a 
servers webpage (or access anything else you want on
the server) you would probably have to get an account 
and you could run an exploit on the server, but that 
is something newbies should probably not try until you
know more about what you are doing. 

	Why Hacking Web Pages (and other things) is a
Bad Idea...

      Hacking web pages is an obvious signal that 
someone has hacked your server, which can reminer to 
forgetful admins to check there logs and immediatly call
your ISP to cancel your account along with the FBI to 
come bust you on some elaborate computer crime law. 
Hacking school grades is another stupid thing you should
never do. I know its off topic  but its important to 
remember, because they are two things that both get 
people busted alot. Don't believe me? Let me show you a
few pieces of articles from news at the hackersclub. The 
entire article (instead of the parts where the hacker 
got busted) may be read from the address beneath each 

      "Kubojima is accused of taking over seven web pages of the
Osaka-based television network Asahi Broadcasting Company on May
18 and replacing five of the seven weather charts on the pages with
pornographic pictures. He also faces charges under Japan's                                  
anti-obscenity laws. 

       If convicted, Kubojima faces a fine of one 
million yen ($8,600) and a prison term of up to five 
years under tough penalties against hackers adopted in 
1992. "


      "He is 18, and may be looking at up to 10 years in prison. 
He hasn't stolen anything, he hasn't hurt anybody and many familiar
with the crime that he is accused of committing say the possible
punishment borders on the absurd. 

The 18-year-old and a 17-year-old friend, police say, broke into a 
computer network. 

They added some funny pictures to a World Wide Web site run by
the network operator, a Texas Internet service provider called
FlashNet, police say. The two figured out some of the user names and
passwords used by FlashNet customers. 

Then they left. 

The 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of third-degree felonies
that carry a sentence of two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to
$10,000. His friend, who was arrested on suspicion of a less severe
misdemeanor, faces up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. "


"Student faces felony for hacking grades

>From NewsTalk 750 WSB

A 15-year-old Florida High School student faces felony 
charges for allegedly hacking his way into the school 
computer to change "F's" into "A's." Jason Westerman 
claims it was only a joke, but he faces felony charges 
for offenses against intellectual property and computer 
users. He's been suspended for ten days. Westwood high 
school administrato

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