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Getting URLs through Telnet

Author: PlahZma
Organization: LOU
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FIRST INSTALLMENT: Getting URLs through Telnet.


Hey Whatsup!  This is your Vato Loco back again with another installment of
 knowledge.  This Time I will be talking about HTTP.  That's right Hyper Text
 Transfer Protocol!  Before I dive into the subject at hand I would like to 
take some time to thank a few people out there.  A special thanks goes out to
 Optik Lenz,  He's the one who read some of my work, liked it, and helped me 
become a member of LOU.  I would like to thank Tetralite for hookin' me up 
with Vizual Sea Plus + .  Also  A big SHOUT OUT to Gamma and Dreamer7, Keep 
chasin those clouds boy!  Alright Now that that's out of the way, lets get 
to the good stuff!

Http Has been utilized by the World Wide Web since 1990 starting out with
 version 0.9.  This version was only capable of transmitting RAW data.  
The next release of the Http was 1.0 .  This version supported messages 
in a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format. However it does 
not take into consideration a valid respect for hierarchical proxies, 
caching, and persistend connection.  Now the latest as to my knowledge 
is version 1.1 it has a lot more respect for these previously stated elements.

Alright since this is my first installment of HTTP I will limit it to 
something easy.  I will tell you what your browser sends to a server when
you type in a URL.  Then I will show you how to Mimic that with Telnet.

Lets say your using netscape.  You type this URL into the location box:
 http://www.well.com/user/woa/ With that Netscape sends (i believe) A ping 
to make sure the server is alive.  This is what is meant by the Contacting 
www.well.... That you will see on the bottom of the netscape browser.  
www.well.com says "Im alive, whatyah want?"  Now Netscape says I want
 www.well.com/user/woa The server processes this URI
 (Universal Resource Identifier)  finds the URL you are looking for and sends
 the source to you.  Netscape translates it into the format the media was 
intended to look like.   With telnet we can do this same thing! (wow)  To 
view that same url This is what I do: Telnet www.well.com :80 
(telnetting to well.com port 80 which is the http port, usually) :
 the server will give you its little spiele about being 'alive'   
now I type this in: GET /user/woa/ HTTP/1.1 Host: www.well.com 
Then Press enter twice and the HTML source code will be sent to you. 
 Since I have just started dabling in http I will have to leave it at 
that. I have noticed, for your information, that when you visit a site
 such as www.cnet.com or www.yahoo.com they have no reference to a document.  The servers automaticaly look for the host file. Which is usually index.html  .  If this is the case, just leave the path name with a "/" designating root. (i.e.   GET / HTTP/1.1)

Well thats all I have for now, I will be writing more on http soon as time
permits.    I can be reached with ICQ, my UIN is: 1019826 Please send any
questions/comments and IDEAS for further txt files. 

A devision of LOU

Legions Of the Underground

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