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CentraOne stores usernames/passwords on client side log file
28th Dec 2001 [SBWID-4959]

	CentraOne stores usernames/passwords on client side log file


	 CentraOne v5.2 using Centra Smart Connect patch CEN5.2-03 (released November 11, 2001)

	 Centra ASP


	In Centra Customer Support Team advisory :


	When the client launches, a log file  is  created  on  the  end  user\'s
	local PC. If the user is connecting through a proxy  server  with  Basic
	Authentication enabled, the log  file  contains  information  about  the
	proxy server including a base64  encoded  username  /  password  string.
	This information could be used to launch an impersonation attack  by  an
	individual who has physical access to the log files on the  end  user\'s
	client PC.



	-  Upgrade  to  CentraOne  5.3  General  Availability,  which   is   not
	susceptible to this problem and is available from Centra today.

	- Install the patch designed to address this, which  will  be  available
	for download from the Centra customer support  web  site  on  or  before
	Friday, January 4.

	- Centra will be adding a patch to the Centra eMeeting  ASP  service  to
	address this bug.

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