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Wrathing a Web Page by Archangel

From archangl@l0pht.com Fri Apr 24 22:47:00 1998
Newsgroups: alt.2600
Subject: Wrathing a Webpage
From: archangl@l0pht.com
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 23:47:00 -0600

So you want to get your page to the top of the search engines, eh?

This bit of destruction is called "Wrathing a web page".

This is a really mean and nasty trick that you could use, assuming of
course that you are evil, and have no regard at all for the hard work
of another... In all likelyhood, this is illegal.

At Archangel systems, we've done this a number of times for close
friends who were being unfairly attacked by competitors.

1. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the keywords that you
would like to have point to your page.

2. Grab the top page, (the #1 position) and save it to your disk,
and/or upload it to your site, under the name of YOUR webpage.

3. Use a multi submitter to submit your pirated webpage to all of the
search engines.

4. Wait for your pirated page to appear, tied for the number one
position in the search. There should be two identical pages, the
original and your copied, pirated page which is addressed and named
for the page that you are trying to get into the #1 position. This is
how the submission engines handle identical pages with different

5. Attack the origional site holding the original copy of the page. It
doesn't matter how, ping it, whatever. You need to have the site down
for a few hours.

6. Use your submission software to re-submit the ORIGIONAL PAGE, when
the submission engine attempts to verify it's existance, the site will
be down, and the submission engine will remove the site from the

7. Your copied, pirated page should now be alone in the number one
slot. You may now upload your desired page to your server, overwriting
the pirated/copied page. The search engine will now point to your
website, and it will be in the number one position.

8. If you can afford to, leave the pirated page up as long as you can.
Some search engines will come back and re-check your page after a
week. It won't bring your competitor back, he's history, but if the
page has changed, the engine will put you where you belong. Most
engines do not re-check, but remember, some do.

The defense?
You should be re-submitting your site monthly anyway. Program your
bots to resubmit the site when hits drop, and when the server is down
for more than an hour.

This was previously posted by me in alt.2600.archangel previously.

Archangel (Public Enemy #3)
Wrath of God Hand Delivered

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