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Invision Power Board 'Allow auto login' setting override
Invision Power Board 'Allow auto login' setting override

This next Vulnerability was discovered by Keyboard_Criminal 

IPB Has a setting that enables admins to disable members from auto-login to the forums

This can be easily bypassed using this next method:

1. Use the password reset form and enter there requested nickname.

2. When you get the email, follow the instructions.

After filling the form with the user id, the security code and the new password

you will auto login to the forms, and any attempt to come back to the forums will also result in an auto-login because user id and pass hash are saved in the cookies.

This method culd be used to save a uid\pass containing cookie that will allow auto login, thus enabling malicious users who have an admin password hash to 'Cookie Edit' the details in the cookie and auto-login under the admin account.

HLL and Keyboard_Criminal

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