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MediaWiki extensions multiple vulnerabilities
Multiple security vulnerabilties in MediaWiki extensions
Multiple security vulnerabilties in MediaWiki extensions

The following extensions had cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities:
* geo
* MetavidWiki
* wikihiero

These vulnerabilities are exploitable even if the extensions are
disabled. If you have any of these extensions installed, please update
them immediately.

Many shared hosting services have the php.ini setting "register_globals"
enabled, despite the fact that it is known to be detrimental to security.

A new automated vulnerability scanner has found a large number of
security vulnerabilities in MediaWiki extensions, when register_globals
is enabled. Unless you are sure you have register_globals disabled, the
following extensions should be immediately updated:

Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities:
* Call
* ChangeAuthor
* EditOwn
* SignDocument
* TemplateLink
* WatchSubpages
* WhoIsWatching
* php/ext/MediaWiki

Arbitrary script inclusion vulnerabilities:
* CategoryIntersection
* Makebot
* PasswordReset
* regexBlock
* SemanticCalendar
* SemanticForms
* SemanticMediaWiki
* SocialProfile
* SpamRegex
* StalePages
* TodoTasks
* WhiteList
* Wikidata

All these extensions are vulnerable regardless of whether they are
enabled in LocalSettings.php. They only need to be installed, with their
installation directory accessible from the public internet.

Downloads in .tar.gz form for all these MediaWiki extensions are
available from:

Or using a subversion client from:

-- Tim Starling

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