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What is WiFi?


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Wi-Fi is a set of standards for wireless networks? based on the 802.11
Wireless Ethernet standards. Wi-Fi was intended to be used for wireless
LANs, but is now often also used for Internet access.

Wi-Fi (for "Wireless Fidelity") is a trademark of the Wireless Ethernet
Compatibility Alliance (WECA), the trade organization that defines the
Wi-Fi standards.

There are at least two types of Wi-Fi, each based on an 802.11 standard.

802.11b enjoy international acceptance because the 2.4-GHz band is
almost universally available. In the United States 802.11a, which
operates around 5 GHz, enjoys relatively clear-channel operation. In
other areas, such as the EU, 802.11a is not yet approved for operation
in the 5 GHz band, and European regulators are still considering the use
of the European HIPERLAN standard.

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