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An early, and error-laden, file on ANI and Caller ID

   If anyone is seriously interested in ANI SYSTEMS, (commonly known as
"Automated Number Identification", should contact Doc's House BBS, USA 

   FIRST QUESTION IS: What the heck is ANI???  Why should I know about it??

   ANI is a "rumored" system to auto-trace any phone call from ANI-equipped
telephone systems.  LET ME MAKE ONE POINT VERY CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!
   .....................ANI is NO RUMOR GENTS!!!!!.........................

   Let me begin by giving you some common examples of ANI systems presently
in operation not only in the US, but also in Canada and Europe:
   1.  911 (emergency area service) is ANI.  The second you call the system
           can detect the calling number.  Tied to a computerized database
           consisting of phone company records of the address serviced and
           the account name.....instant information as is passed to a
           computer monitor for assistance in fire, police, medical crisis.

   2.  LD  ANI credit card toll calling.  If you have seen phones which take
           credit cards where you can pass your "tape stripe" down the phone
           ......this is an ANI equipped system.  It will automatically read
           the credit card, report the calling number, number connected to,
           the credit card, and the credit card company where multiple cards
           are accepted

   3.  CO/411
           Can you call your operator (usually 0 or 00), information (411),
           or your local business office and have them tell that it is you
           ......or can they call you back without asking for your number??
           If so, then the CO (Central Office) is providing ANI service to
           the business offices.

   ANI is a encrypted set of signals originating at your CO (exchange Central
Office) that passes in the signal thru all connections to the terminal pair
(the person you are calling).  This signal is common on all ESS (electronic
switching systems) and has been around for years.
The signal has always been around but was encrypted (thing of it like warp,
dms, ppak using a encryption password when you modem) so only telecomm 
experts and phone company people knew it.

   The signal floats all over the country so that telecos can track calls for
interco interstate LD revenue sharing on LD calls, monitoring, controlling
LD traffic, and many other tellco uses.

   1.  Obviously the telephone company

   2.  LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.  It would stand to reason that if you have
       911 or a telephone company with a security department that they 
       operate closely with the phone companies

   3.  "Audibon" This is a buzz work for the US Military communications
       network which operates on bases, Supply Depots, and other installa-
       tions where security of information and tracing is required.
   4.  GOVERNMENT AGENCIES- needless to say if we can send a man to the 
       moon, drop bombs down airshafts, and have other "high-tech" systems
       you would not assume that the Secret Service, FBI, and other agencies
       would not easily have the capability.

   5.  NOW THE KICKER.....
       a.  PUBLIC TELECO SERVICE - is being offered in test cases in New
           Jersey and a few other locations for $ 3-4/month.  That means
           if you call these areas and the other party has signed for the
           service they instantly have your number
       b.  "BLACK BOXES" - remember I said the "signature" passes from the
                           originator to all points as a part of the signal
                           (transmission or your telephone call).  So anyone
                           having a "descrambler" can decipher this no matter
                           where they are or whether the local phone company
                           offers ANI service to the public.

       c.  CONSULTANTS/DEVELOPERS - obviously anyone who is involved in
                                    telecommunications development, switch
                                    technology, consulting, or other areas
                                    would know of the technology and could
                                    have ANI.
   NO.....to the later question you can not tell if your call was ANI
          detected by the person you called.  All they need do is to
          decipher a code that was already in the line.
   VARIES....basically looks like a little box with a display (LED/LCD)
             which displays the number calling (including area code or
             international where applicable).
          The more sophisticated ANIs have a precision clock and a memory
          to hold the exact date, time, length of call, number which called,
          and other information for 10-100 units depending on the equipment.

   1.  Old stepper type (rotary) is not ANI at the CO without very special
       office adaptions....so chances are you are not automatically sending
       ANI identification
   2.  INTERNATIONALLY.....this varies but generally the older systems will
                           not be ANI unless they meet one of the above
                           tests such as 911, credit card, etc.

   There is and "HAS BEEN" for a long time what I will call "reverse ANI".
People often shoot their mouths saying they can't be traced cause they are
in such-n-such a place, don't have ESS, or give me other lame explanations.
   Well, you are TOTALLY WRONG!!!!  We can reverse send an ANI IDENT!!!!
Just as most US phones automatically are now sending ANI codes, we can send
(add if you want to think of it that way) a reverse ident as phones are two-
way communications.  This signal can be "encoded" as a SPECIAL TELECO ALERT
SEQUENCE.   (For those that have flown this is like transponder squawking of
3300 or 7600....non-pilots that is a kidnap or highjack type situation).
   Once "reverse-ANI" is initiated all stations are instantly alerted all the
way back to the originator.  While it is true that perhaps then may not get
right to your individual phone instantly, within a few computer microseconds
then can get to any international system and call that system.  Even those
system not yet totally equipped have ANI decoders and can trace a call in
a very few minutes by lookinf for the "fingerprint" of "reverse ANI ident"
on a particular trunk, cable, or pair (your phone)!!!!!


    This information is provided as a public message to advise people that
their conversations may not be private and their telephone number may be
received by persons who pay legally for ANI service, or those having access
to ANI equipment either in the course of their official duties or illegally.
    No person should attempt to use telecommunications equipment contrary
to established laws, rules, or regulation.  This information is provided as
public information and is neither intended nor shall be used in any manner
to violate any applicable law, rule, or regulation of any country or
political subdivision thereof.

    Having said that, you should be aware that there are many people who
might want your phone number:
    1.  800 (toll free) sales companies would love to have you call them
                        to get your name, number, address to try and sell
                        you something or add you to a mailing list.

    2.  "War Dialers"   That dial sequentially and offer sales via phone.
                        If you call back...even not leaving a name/number
                        they might have you and constantly call for an

    3.  Collectors      Boy, these people can have a field day if you call
                        if you were late with a bill.  Your "UNLISTED"
                        phone is no longer UNLISTED.

                        Obviously, 911, police, fire, teleco, and government
                        agencies in the course of official business can
                        use ANI or "reverse ANI" in their official duties.

    5.  Public Usage    Certainly there are "valid" uses to the public.
                        1.  Stops "harrassing" or "threat" calls as the
                            caller can be immediately identified.
                        2.  ....I forgot the # of who called....
                            Well, with ANI with memory that is no longer
                            a problem.  Many private people and buinesses
                            have a legitimate usage in this area just like
                            an answering machine or "voice mail".
                        3.  CALL SCREENING....just as people can "bug" you
                            trying to sell you windows, a trip to Fiji, etc.
                            With ANI you can see those "800" phone bank
                            calls coming at you and just let your machine
                            answer the phone.
                            How about your mother-in-law or ex-girlfriend.
                            .....maybe let my answering machine answer too!


    I hope this short (well as short as I could be yet not have 5000 rumors)
explanation of ANI has helped you.  If you have questions about ANI, SPS
(Security Protocoling Systems), or CTP (copywrite, trademarks, patents), you
can reach us here at Doc's House.
    I also have several friends who are SYSOPS and close friends which I 
call such as : Bigfoot, Spazm, Hosehead, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Brain Dead, and
others........ask your SYSOP and leave mail to DOC if I am on your system.
    As for me.......well depends on who you ask????  Some say I'm an ol,
gray, lame, geezer who's about as friendly as a pissed off gator with a
toothache.  Others say I'm an expert in telecommunications and security,
a heck of a nice fella, and a decent friend.  I'll only verify that I am
over 40 and getting gray (but at least I still got it on top)....and have
a great bunch of friends.

                                      Doc's House (614) 855-3114
                                      HST V.42BIS  350MEG

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