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Phun with Caller ID Hijacked relates his experiences orangeboxing with S.O.B.

Phun with Caller ID


Orange boxes, what are they and what do they do? Good question. Here is what I think I know...

	"Orange Box exploits the "Call Waiting" Caller ID feature by
	 spoofing the tones that activate the feature and then the Caller ID stream

Thats about all the useful information I could pull out of any Orange Box txt's floating around
out there. Basically any information regarding the Orange Box was simply an idea constructed
into an elaborate and well duplicated txt file.

After leisurely reading through "The Fixer's 2003 Box Review" over @ http://artofhacking.com
I had come across a neat little cluster of letters that caught my eye... "S.O.B", reading on to
my delight these three simple letters translate to Software Orange Box.

Here is what http://artofhacking.com/orange.html has to say about it...

	"This tool generates several flavours of North American Caller ID, allowing you to
	 hear what Caller ID sounds like or even, under certain circumstances, to place
	 arbitrary messages in Caller ID Display Devices. You can play the emulated Caller
	 ID live through your sound card or save to a .WAV file* for later playback or

Ding! Lights, bells and whistles where firing off in my head like a Rebel Haitian Militia
governmental overthrow. Bypassing any documentation/instructions, I downloaded the Software
Orange Box and strapped myself in for a long night of pissing my life away on the computer!

The software is beyond simplistic, slap in a name and number, click any options you may want to
implement (private name/number, time stamp ect.) and click play. 

Beep boop bop!

Wow, that is absolutely fantastic! Now, how do I get that tone into my phone and onto the line?
Another good question, with a very simple answer.

I took a junk ass phone and cracked that baby wide open, exposing the soft tender internals to
my rugged time weathered hands. I added a 1/8" 3.5mm line in to the microphone, and another 1/8"
3.5mm line out for the speaker. Very simple.

Now I could pump the raw tones into my phone directly from the sound card on the computer! Or
so I thought! I did read and understand the bit about the possible damage that may be done to my
phone, computer or telephone line. But I could really care less.

So I patched the line out from my sound card into the fancy new line input on my phone. So far
so good! Still got a dial tone on the phone and I hadn't tasted the shock from the phoneline
yet! I fired the Software Orange Box up, slapped in my "arbitrary message" and dialed a friend...

ME: "Hey buddy whats up?"
HIM: "Nothing much, you?"
ME: "Oh nothing, just doin some phone trickery!"
HIM: "Yay, sounds like fun."
ME: "Sure is. Hold on, tell me if you can hear this..."
HIM: "Ok"
HIM: "Ahhhhhhhhh, you prick! You damn near blew my eardrum!"
ME: "Hahahaha"

Turns out that its not a wise idea to patch your soundcard into your phone! Besides being rather
loud on the recieving end, it also ratched my soundcard! Its got this nice fully audible
humming/buzzing noise built right into the soundcard now! There was a chunk of text in there
somwhere that said somthing about FCC 96 compatable devices or somthing, but I dont speak French,
so I payed no attention to that.

Back to the drawing board, kind of...

Only having one or two spare sound cards lying around, I decided it would be a better idea to
get the tones off the computer and onto a tape or somthing... (in my haste to get the S.O.B up
and running, I overlooked this little piece of information "*Saving to a WAV file is an option
made available with the purchase of a Shareware Registration Key." whatever!)

10 minutes later I had dug the tape player out of the storage room and had her hooked up to the

Beep boop bop!


Now I had my "arbitrary message" tone onto a nice audio cassette (Circa 1984)! Totally high
tech, I know.

Patching the phone to the tape player I had no concern for the safty of my phone, telephone
line or myself. I decided this time to phone an automated message machine to test out my hardware

Beep Boop Bop...

Call Waiting From

Fuck Yourself

Success! I could now make the CID say bad words!

Having tinkered with this project from 1-9am I figured it was a time for a little shut eye.
If I was going to spend the next week phoning evryone I knew and blasting them with "arbitrary
messages" on their CID boxes, I was going to need all the sleep I could get.

Four hours later I was up and ready to get Orange Boxing! I started off by phoning the first
person I could think of I knew who had CID.

I must have called 40 people that day, blasting them all with the same "Fuck Yourself" message.
I noticed a few interesting things while doing all of this:

1. You don't need to subscribe to the CID service to recieve "arbitrary messages"

2. If you do subscribe to the CID service, you dont need the Call Waiting Caller ID service for
   this to work

3. It doesn't work on the Rogers wireless PCS network (Telus maybey, havn't tested yet)

Thats all there is to it. So if you feel like flaming people on their CID boxes, just find a
way to slam the Beep Boop Bop from the S.O.B into and over your phoneline!

Thanks to http://artofhacking.com for the S.O.B, pure brilliance!


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