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Alpine 9542, 9545 Programming

ALPINE 9542, 9545

NOTE: These are four NAM units.
      The ESN prefix is 150 decimal, 96 hex.
      Alpine: 310-326-8000, Outside CA 1-800-421-2284


1.  Turn power on.

2.  Press FCN 3 to lock phone.

3.  Press and hold FCN until the ROAM comes on, release FCN.

4.  Within three seconds press and hold the * key until the first step
    (SIDH) appears.  You are now in programing mode.

5.  The STO key stores and increments each step.

6.  The SEND key completes and exits programing.

7.  If you press STO six times at step 01 the phone will display the ESN
    in hex format.  Press STO again to return to the SIDH entry.

8.  To select other NAMS:  With phone in normal user mode press FCN 4,
    use the volume up and down keys to scroll through the NAMS, press STO
    when the NAM you want to program is displayed.



01       0000 - 32767        SYSTEM ID
02       0 or 1              MIN MARK
03       10 DIGITS           AREA CODE & TEL NUMBER
04       2 DIGITS            ACCESS OVERLOAD CLASS
05       2 DIGITS            GROUP ID (10 IN USA)
06       3, 4 OR 5 DIGITS    LOCK CODE

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