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AT&T 1300, 1300C and 1400 Programming

                        AT&T 1300, 1300C and 1400
                NAM Type:  Tri-State
            Manufacturer:  Mitsubishi
              Programmer:  Curtis or Bytek
          ESN Prefix DEC:  134
                     HEX:  86
 ESN, S/N Match Required:  No
    Programmable Handset:  No
      Available Channels:  666

                   MIN 1:  XXX
                    Lock:  XXX
                   MIN 2: XXX
        System ID Format:  XXXX
       Horn Alert Option:  1
        Handsfree Option:  1 (if equipped)
   End-to-End Signalling:  1
         Group ID Format:  XX
   Access Overload Class:  XX
           Station Class:  0000
               Local Use:  1
  Initial Paging Channel:  333 or 334
        Preferred System:  1(A) or 0(B)

Manufacturer Options (for Curtis Programmer)
 33 Enable System Select:  1
         34 Roam Inhibit:  0

              Horn Alert:  HORN
         New Unlock Code:  NAM
           System Select:  When the manufacturer option, 33 above,
                           is enabled, the following sequence allows
                           system selection. This process must be
                           repeated each time the phone is turned on.

STORE + # + # + #, etc. (One of the following will appear)

        AAABBB or BBBAAA  Standard (AB or BA)
        BBBAAA or AAABBB  Alternate (BA or AB)
        CSOAAA or CSOBBB  Home
        AAAAAA or BBBBBB  Pref Only (A only or B only)
        BBBBBB or AAAAAA  Non-Pref Only (B only or A only)

Press CLEAR to exit

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