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Philips - FAQ on Chipped C12s and Savvys

Here is a good FAQ file.
This was written by Lithium. I have nothing at all to do with writing this
FAQ file.

C12 FAQ  - A guide to Chipped C12s/Digas
Written by: L i t h i u m
Email: LithiumUK@hotmail.com

You may copy and distribute this document as long as it remains unchanged.
I have written this for educational purposes so it *hopefully* reduces the
amount of questions being asked time and time again on usenet.  I do not
participate in any illegal activities and have written this due to the
increasing demand of questions being asked by people searching for

After all the questions being asked on usenet I have written this document
to answer some of the most common questions about 'chipped' phones.  The
answers to the questions are correct to my own knowledge however I am no
expert and welcome comments.  I have also included some rumours and facts
about these phones.  This document does not describe everything about
chipped mobiles but will answer the more frequent questions.

What is a chipped phone?
A chipped phone is a mobile phone that has been fitted with a chip that
resets the credit balance on phone every time it is turned on.

Can my <phone name> be chipped?
The only phones that can be chipped are C12's and Digas. These use the
BTCellnet network and use two different tariffs, "Pay & Go" and "U".  There

are other exploits on different networks such as Vodafone and One to One
the BTCellnet 'chipping' exploit has received much more attention.

Will I need to top up my chipped C12/Diga?
your phone with 15 of credit every 60 days on 'Pay & Go', 10 every 90
with 'U', you will be disconnected from the network.  That means you will
unable to make any calls until you top up.

How do I top up? What is this I have heard about the alarm?
To top up on the diga just buy your legitimate top up and activate it as if

you had a normal phone.
On the C12 you need to...
turn the alarm on.
turn the phone off and back on.
make the top up by holding hot key 3.
Wait for the "top up successful message"
turn the alarm off and turn the phone off.
turn the phone back on.

By turning the alarm on you turn the chip off.

What are the chances of BT finding out it is 'chipped'?
As long as you top up your phone every few weeks you should have no problem

remaining connected to the network.  However if you spend 40 hours on your
phone and yet never make a top up that will seem strange to the employers
Cellnet.  The trick is to make it seem like you are a legit customer.

What happens if I have been disconnected?
(Turn the alarm on if you use a c12) Phone the customer care line (hot key
on c12) and tell them you have been disconnected.  Pretend to be angry and
frustrated at this as a normal customer would be.  They should then ask you

for a land line number but pretend this (your mobile you are calling from)
is your only phone at the moment.  Hopefully they will reconnect you and
'sorry'. This method WILL usually work and has been done many times

What will happen if I get caught?
In almost all cases your phone will be disconnected after a few months but
by that time you have proberly made hundreds of  worth of calls.  However
if for some reason they track you down you may face much more harsh
punishment.  Think of the thousands of chipped mobile users, how long and
how much money would it cost to track each one of them?

8.Where is the C12/diga hex code available free from?
The net cleaners have a copy of the hex code for the c12/diga and many
mobiles on their website.  You can download it free from...

Where can I get a chipped phone from?
There are many people selling chipped mobiles all over the UK via the
internet, look at alt.2600, alt.ph.uk, etc.  Otherwise you could ask a
friend or relative that knows about electronics to help you out.

What is a reasonable price?
The phone costs between 40/70 and the chip itself costs between 2/15
depending on where your supplier gets it. That means in total the price of
the phone all together will be at most 80/85.  A usual price is 120 but
have seen prices as low as 90 and high as 175+.

Which phone is better the C12 or Diga?
The C12 is the newer model and is much more slim.  It is better than all
other Prepay mobiles I have seen around at the moment.  Try and get the C12

on the 'U' tariff.


You can disable the chip by turning the PIN code on.

A large crack down has been made on the making of the chips. (however it is

legal to own the chips isn't it?)

There are secret codes for the C12/diga. (Try *#06#)

There is a 16 pin chip for the c12.

 L i t h i u m

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