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Philips C12 Miscellaneous Information

Philips C12 / Philips Savvy / Cellnet U Tricks tips codes and undocumented info


I received this Philips C12 on BTCELLNET U Prepay scheme free with my nice
new shiny Barclaycard, And I wanna find out all this nice fun things that I
can do with it that the manufactures dont tell you. So I set up this site.

NEW:29/03/2000 Disconnection Rumours

Apparently if you send someone an SMS from your C12 with the 
words: c12 chip, chipped   and so on, you will be barred within
a few hours. If you wanna try this on some suckers phone,
let me know how it goes.

Also, BTCellnet may be monitoring the network for repeated 
sequences of rapid power Off/On Before/After calls to 
scan for chipped phones

NEW:15/02/2000 Send Free SMS messages *VERIFIED*

Apparently if you send a text message, and you turn off the phone
immediately after you send it, as requesting is displayed, then 
you will not have to pay for the sending of the message

I have tried this twice just by holding the off button and twice 
by pulling the battery out. Anytime its been sent I have been billed =[

Tip Courtesty of JM - Anyone with success on this plz contact me. You may 
like to use  the *0# tip to verify delivery

NEW:13/03/2000 How to chip your phone

SF sent me this interesting link about how to chip your C12 with
wonderful pictures and copies of the chip program etc.


UPDATE:13/03/2000 This does work.....Sometimes. Whenever requesting
is displayed, wait less than half a second and then hold the power button.

NEW:08/02/2000 Collect your voicemail for only 5p/min.

Call yourself , press * and enter your pin code . You'll end up 
at the voice mail main menu, press 2 to retrieve messages. Program 
the entry in your phone book for easy access along the lines of 
0771XXXXXXXw*PINp26. This works as calling another cellnet phone when 
you are on the 'U' tariff is only 5p/min as opposed to 35p/min for 
regular voicemail.

CORRECTED:13/03/2000 forgot the * in the example no, and 6 at the
end to go straight to the message. Also, This only works if you have
voice mail enabled! Dial 1750 to enable it.

NEW:08/02/2000 SMS Notification

You can recieve notification of successful delivery of an SMS message or
notification if it never got there, by adding *0# to the very start of the
message (NOT the phone number)

NEW:08/02/2000 Quick Phone book

You can bring up numbers from the phone book quickly by entering the
number of its entry followed by #, so 1# would bring up the first entry 
in your phone book , 25# the twentyfifth, etc.
You can use this to edit numbers in these locations too.
I have used this in conjunction with the voicemail cheat so to collect
my voicemail i go 1#[CALL]

(I should have had this in ages ago but I forgot about it =]
Credit goes to JM for reminding me of this one)

NEW:24/1/2000 Get past other peoples PIN codes

While Messing with customer services (accessed for free by holding down
the 9 key on your phone, I discovered that you can get past anyone's PIN 
code by calling Cust Serv, Dialing 3, and 3 again, dialing the persons
phone number and then listen for their PUK code. This works for ANY 
BTCellnet phone. So, If you wanna piss off your friends, or can think
of a more practical, not so immature use, enter their pin code in wrong
3 times, followed by this PUK code. WARNING: Entering the PUK code in
wrong 10 times will destroy their SIM card.

The Philips C12 is actually a philips savvy phone, I believe it also has
another name too, but I cant remember just at this moment in time.

The phone you receive is service provider locked and simlocked. This means
that it can only be used with BTCELLNET sim cards and with the sim card that
came with the phone (the latter is not checked) so if you lose your sim
card, the whole phone must be returned.

UPDATED 11/1/2000: The phone is not Simlocked, only service provider
locked so you may use a simcard in the phone that is a contract simcard on
BTCELLNET. but not any other network. This also means that the whole phone
does NOT need to be returned should you need a new sim card.

Also, the simcard will work in other phones that work with BTcellnet, BUT
the network will refuse them access. I believe if you reprogram that phone
with your own IMEI it'll work, I'd like to try this one. It says IMSI failed
or just refuses to register. I'd also like to try this when the phone was
roaming and see if it could register to another network. If you try this,
plz report back with results.

The phone can be 'chipped' to allow free calls, every time you reset the
phone your credit returns to a specific amount, this requires som pic chip
to be programmed and inserted into the phone, it conflicts with the alarm
feature and I think BT notices and terminates that phone after a while.

*#06# Shows your IMEI number. Search the net for explanations of this
number. Hint: its boring

International calls are barred by BTCELLNET currently, this pisses me off. 
To make international calls you can get one of those phone card things.
I recommend AXS telecom, 08003582223 to sign up - quote account number
GB63724 for 5 worth of free calls from it. it costs 35p/min to phone the
0800 no they give you (or free from any other phone) and then calls are
ridiculously cheap, 2p/min to anywhere in the UK, 5p/min Sweden,4p/min USA
and you can call from your home phone, payphone or wherever, its great.
AXS Telecom Home Page

 UPDATED 08/02/2000: They will remove the bar on international
calls if you phone up and request it now!

Removing the simlock is possible, you do however need an eeprom
reader/writer to do it. I do not own one of these =[.

Accessories are available from
"http://www.wirefree-mobile.com http://www.wirefree-mobile.com/phillips.html"
such as flashing ariels, replacement covers, cases etc.

You can enable call waiting, but whenever a person phones you when you
are on the phone they get the message, "Sorry there is a fault". Any
more info will be appreciated.

*43# Enables call waiting, #43# Cancels call waiting, *#43# Checks Status.

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