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General Electric Star Programming

                                 GE STAR
                NAM Type:  Tri-State
            Manufacturer:  GE
              Programmer:  Motorola - Celnum or Curtis
          ESN Prefix DEC:  146
                     HEX:  92
 ESN, S/N Match Required:  Yes
    Programmable Handset:  No
      Available Channels:  666

     Phone Number Format:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
        Lock Code Format:  XXX
              MIN Option:  Enabled
        Repertory Option:  Enabled
        Handsfree Option:  Enabled or Disabled
        Local Use Option:  Enabled
   End-to-End Signalling:  Enabled
       Horn Alert Option:  Enabled
        System ID Format:  XXXXX
        Preferred System:  A or B
   Access Overload Class:  XX
         Group ID Format:  XX
  Initial Paging Channel:  333 or 334
           Station Class:  00

    Manufacturer Options:
        Hex Address     B7           B0
            13          0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
            14          1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
     Description Options:
            Adress 13 - B6 External Repertory memory
                        B4 DTMF Format
            Adress 14 - B7 Clock
                        B6 Call timer

              Horn Alert:  Press and hold END key. While holding
                            END key, depress 9. This feature does
                            not cancel when ignition is turned on.
         New Unlock code:  NAM
           System Select:  Press and hold END key. While holding
                            END key, depress 4. Use volume rocker
                            button to step through selections.
                                  0:  Pref then non-pref
                                  1:  Pref only
                                  2:  Home only
                                  3:  Preferred Roam Only
                                  4:  Non-Pref then Pref
                                  5:  Non-Pref only

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