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General Electric Carfone CF1000, 2000, 2500 programming

                     MODELS CF-1000, CF-2000, and CF-2500

	The NAM (Number Assigned Module) can be programmed (or changed) through the keypay on the cellular  radio handset, by using the following procedure.

	(1)	Press any key on the keypad to turn on the radio.
+-------------------------------*** N O T E ***-------------------------------+
|                                                                             |
|		Step 2 must be performed and completed within 10 seconds      |
|		after the radio is turned on.                                 |

	(2)	Press and hold CL (CLEAR) key while entering key code
		"923885".  This places the unit into the programming mode.

	(3)	At this time the radio's serial number will be displayed
		(in decimal).  The serial number cannot be changed and
		is shown for information only.  Pressing S (SEND) will
		advance the display to the first entry.

+-------------------------------*** N O T E ***-------------------------------+
|									      |
|		Some radios will not display a serial number buy will show    |
|		NAM programming entry number "0" in the display after Step 2  |
|		has been completed.                                           |

NOTES: 	The S (SEND) key is used to enter the displayed information into NAM

	CL (CLEAR) key may be used to correct any entry before the SEND key is

	The END key may be used to complete NAM programming and resume normal
	operation mode at any stage in the programming.

	If any of the NAM INPUT values in memory are correct, depress SEND key
	without entering any digits to advance to next entry number.

	The RCL (RECALL) key may be used to recall the current entry number.

	If an invalid entry is attempted, a beep will sound and the display
	will not change.


MIN		0		10 digit	Enter 10 digits and SEND
UNLOCK		1		000 to 999	Enter 3 digits and SEND
SID		2		00000 to 32767	Enter 5 digits and SEND
LU		3		0 or 1		Enter 0 or 1 and SEND
MIN MARK	4		0 or 1		Enter 0 or 1 and SEND
IPCH		5		001 to 666	Enter 3 digits and SEND
ACCOLC		6		00 to 15	Enter 2 digits and SEND
PS		7		0 or 1		Enter 0 or 1 and SEND
GIM		8		00 to 15	Enter 2 digits and SEND
AUX		9		0 or 1		Enter 0 or 1 and SEND
HANDS		10		0 or 1		Enter 0 or 1 and SEND
ALT. LOCK	11		000 to 999	Enter 3 digits and SEND

	(5)	After programming all 12 entries, the display automatically,
		returns to show the ENTRY NO. 0 indicating that the NAM has
		been programmed.  The END/FCN key may now be depressed.



MIN*		(Mobile Identification Number)
		10 digit directoryh telephone number

UNLOCK		(Lock Code)
		3 digit code to unlock radio (WARNING - The radio cannot
		be unlocked if this code is forgotten).
		NOTE: You can read this code by using the programming

SID*		(Home System Identification)
		5 digit number for assigned cellular system

LU*		(Local Use)
		0 or 1.  1=local control option and responds to local control

MIN MARK*	0 or 1.  1=home station sends extended address information
		upon origination and page response.

IPCH*		(Initial Paging Channel in Home)
		3 digit number to identify the channel number of the first
		paging channel when station is home.

ACCOLC*		(Access Overload Class)
		2 digit number to identify which overload class field controls
		the access attempts.

PS*		(Perferred System)
		0 or 1.  1=Preferred system is System A
			 0=Preferred system is System B

GIM*		(Group Identification Mark)
		2 digit number which indicates how many bits of SID, starting
		with the most significant, comprise the GIM.

AUX		0 or 1.	1=Auxiliary signal is enabled for horn relay.
			External adapter must be used for this feature.

HANDS		0 or 1. 1=Handsfree feature is enabled.  External adapter
			  musat be used for this feature.

ALT LOCK	(Alternate Lock Code)
		3 digit lock code to be used with the partial lock feature.
		This feature is active only with the CF-2000 and CF-2500
	        Carfone models.
		This entry is ignored for CF-1000 Carfone models.

	*	These values are Cellular System dependent.  Entering an
		incorrect value will deny service on the system.  

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