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Definitions of GE phone programming



MIN*		(Mobile Identification Number)
		10 digit directory telephone number

UNLOCK		(Lock Code)
		3 digit code to unlock radio (WARNING - The radio cannot
		be unlocked if this code is forgotten).
		NOTE: You can read this code by using the programming

SID*		(Home System Identification)
		5 digit number for assigned cellular system

LU*		(Local Use)
		0 or 1.  1=local control option and responds to local control

MIN MARK*	0 or 1.  1=home station sends extended address information
		upon origination and page response.

IPCH*		(Initial Paging Channel in Home)
		3 digit number to identify the channel number of the first
		paging channel when station is home.

ACCOLC*		(Access Overload Class)
		2 digit number to identify which overload class field controls
		the access attempts.

PS*		(Perferred System)
		0 or 1.  1=Preferred system is System A
			 0=Preferred system is System B

GIM*		(Group Identification Mark)
		2 digit number which indicates how many bits of SID, starting
		with the most significant, comprise the GIM.

AUX		0 or 1.	1=Auxiliary signal is enabled for horn relay.
			External adapter must be used for this feature.

HANDS		0 or 1. 1=Handsfree feature is enabled.  External adapter
			  musat be used for this feature.

ALT LOCK	(Alternate Lock Code)
		3 digit lock code to be used with the partial lock feature.
		This feature is active only with the CF-2000 and CF-2500
	        Carfone models.
		This entry is ignored for CF-1000 Carfone models.

	*	These values are Cellular System dependent.  Entering an
		incorrect value will deny service on the system.  

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