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General Electric/Ericsson Mini convertible & versamobile Test Mode & NAM Programming

GE/Ericsson Mini Convertible and versamobile packages.
 info provided by Magic Thighs

CPU: M50747-000P 8K * 8 ROM   256 * 8 RAM

Memory: 32K * 8 CMOS EPROM
2K * 8 CMOS RAM battery backed up, NAM included
SNM (Serial Number Memory) 64 * 1 CMOS EPROM'

1. Power on with [FCN/0]
2. Depress [CL] continuously
3. Enter 1414213 within 10 sec after power on, then release [CL]
4. 'INUSE' goes on. Now ready to accept the following commands,
   followed by [SEND].
 01 tx on
 02 tx off
 03 rx unmute
 04 rx mute
 05 tx unmute
 06 tx mute
 07 st on
 08 st off
 09 high tone on
 10 high tone off
 11 low tone on
 12 low tone off
 13 vehicular charger conversation mode on
 14 "" off
 16 compander on
 17 compander off
 2n connect DTMF to the modular (DTMF digit =n)
 30 Disconnect DTMF
 8n SAT on (n=SAT)
 90 to 97 attenuator control, when the portable user together with booster,
   act as power control

 nnn then [END] set channel
 [RCL] rotate synth 001-333-666-001 ch etc.
 [MUTE] indicate current RSSI level.

when connected to the test adaprtor and field tester, auto test is available
 by means of serial interface. the test command reperatory is written in
the AMPS specification 5.3.5. in addition, the following are new commands:
 44 compander on (60,0,0)
 45 compander off (21,0,0)
the test adapter can convert serial data from the station into parallel 8-bit
AMPS bus data and parallel 8-bit AMPS bus data from the Field tester into
serial data.

Self check error codes: each time the fone is turned on, it performs a self-
check and returns an error code if a problem.
 Err 1 program memory checksum incorrect
 Err 2 SNM checksum is incorrect
 Err 3 NAM checksum is incorrect
 Err 4 synthesizer did not achieve lock
 Err 5 RF power status did did not indicate an on condition.

NAM programming procudure:

1. press [END/FCN] and [0] keys for 1 second or more to turn on radio.
2. within 10 seconds, press and hold [CL] key while entering 7591122
3. release [CL]
4. change any information neccessary with the keypad, press [SEND] to
 move from setting to setting.
 feature     values
  ------     ------

   MIN        10d
   unlock      000-999
   sid        00000-32767
   LU          0-1                local use
   MIN MARK    0-1
   IPCH        001-666
   ACCOLC      00-15
   PS          0-1                 preferred system 1=a 0=b
   GIM         00-15
   EE          0-1                 1=end to end signaling
   BOOSTER     0-1
   AR          0-1                  1=autonomous registration

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