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Mobira ME 53A Programming


NOTES:  This is a single NAM unit.
        The ESN prefix is 156 decimal, 9C hex.
        Mobira: 813-536-5553

This phone requires a service handset to access programing mode, you can
make one by following these procedures:

1.  Open the handset connector (black "D" plug) and solder a jumper
    between pins 1 and 14.

2.  Remove the handset ear-piece pad to expose a hex screw, remove this

3.  Remove the two rubber plugs located either side of the microphone,
    remove the two screws.

4.  Carefully split the handset apart.

5.  Locate the white 28 pin connector that connects the two PCB's, just
    below this connector is a factory installed jumper.  Install a second
    jumper to the left of the factory installed one.

6.  Reassemble handset and connector.

7.  Congratulations!  You now have a Mobira test handset.  This modification
    is transparent during normal operation.


1.  Turn power on.

2.  Enter LOCAL MODE (test mode) by pressing 01# (you will hear static
    from the ear piece).

3.  Enter NAM program mode by pressing 48#.

4.  Data is entered in the following format: STEP NUMBER, DATA, *.
    For example to set the station class mark to "00" enter 400*.

5.  Data can be entered in any order.

6.  Press * to exit NAM program mode and return to LOCAL MODE.

7.  Press 02# (or turn power off) to return to normal operation.

8.  You may also enter NAM read mode by pressing 49# from local mode.
    Press N* (where N is the step number) to read the data stored in that



0        00000 - 32767       SYSTEM ID
1        0 OR 1              MIN MARK
2        0 OR 1              LOCAL USE MARK
3        10 DIGITS           MIN (AREA CODE & TEL NUMBER)
4        2 DIGITS            STATION CLASS MARK
5        333 OR 334          INITIAL PAGING CHANNEL
6        2 DIGITS            ACCESS OVERLOAD CLASS
7        0 OR 1              PREFERRED SYSTEM (0=B, 1=A)
8        2 DIGITS            GROUP ID (10 IN USA)
9        4 DIGITS            LOCK CODE

LOCK: SEL LCK.  UNLOCK: Enter four digit code.

SYSTEM SELECT: SEL 1, then 1 to scroll: S = Pref/non pref, I = Non pref/pref,
A = A only, b = B only. 

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