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NEC P9100 (TR5E800-9C) Programming

NEC P9100 (TR5E800-9C)

NOTES:  This is a dual NAM unit.
        The ESN prefix is 135 decimal, 87 hex.
        NEC: 1-800-421-2141

1.  This phone officially requires an NEC programing adaptor battery
    part number 41-2010, if you have one attach it and power up the

    If you do not have the NEC adaptor one can be simulated by using a
    standard battery or cigarette lighter adaptor.  Remove the battery from
    the phone and locate the small black round contacts in the battery
    compartment.  The right hand contact must be grounded while powering up
    the phone.  To do this use a long piece of solder wick, or other thin
    conductive material, lay it over the contact and carefully replace the
    battery.  Then ground the solder wick to the antenna connector or negative
    battery contact and power up the phone.

    If you have a cigarette lighter adaptor you can disassemble it and,
    by careful measurement, drill a hole to give you easier access to the
    test mode contact.

2.  Having powered up the phone using on of the above methods press
    RCL # 0 1 to enter test mode.

3.  (Optional) Press RCL # 3 9 to reinitialize and clear all data stored
    in both NAMs, call timers and memory locations.  Note that if this is
    done the unit will wake up in full lock mode, to unlock the unit press
    FCN # L L L L, where LLLL is the lock code of the LAST NAM programed.

4.  (Optional) Press RCL # 7 6 0 for NAM 1, or RCL # 7 6 1 for
    NAM 2.

5.  Press RCL # 7 1 to enter programing mode.

6.  The # key stores and increments each step.

7.  Press CLR briefly to correct an entry.

8.  At any time press and hold CLR to exit programing mode then press RCL
    # 0 2 to exit test mode.



01       10 DIGITS           MIN (AREA CODE & TEL#)
02       4 DIGITS            LOCK CODE
03       00000 - 32767       SYSTEM ID
04       2 DIGITS            GROUP ID (10 IN USA)
05       0333 OR 0334        INITIAL PAGING CHANNEL
06       0 OR 1              PREFERRED SYSTEM
07       2 DIGITS            ACCESS OVERLOAD CLASS
08       0 OR 1              MIN MARK
09       0 OR 1              LOCAL USE MARK

NOTE:  To toggle between NAM 1 and 2 press FCN STO 3 with phone out of
       programing mode.

LOCK: F * four digits = Partial lock, F # four digits = Full lock.  Use same
sequence to unlock.

SYSTEM SELECT: F 5 then 5 to scroll. 

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