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NEC Model Designations

From wongys@pc.jaring.myTue Jun 18 13:22:12 1996
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 10:08:24 -0700
From: YS Wong <wongys@pc.jaring.my>
To: drwho@l0pht.com
Subject: NEC model designations

In the past their model designations were in a simple format:

	eg.	TR4E180-11A
-	the TR is standard. could it be 'transceiver' ?
-	the 4E or 5E is model type, the higher the no. the newer
-	the 180 stands for NMT450 system [180 channels]
	if 1320 it's ETACS 900 system [1320 channels]
	if 800 it's AMPS system [800/832 channels]
-	the 11A or 11B or even 11C stands for the different configuration
	portable, transportable etc.

Later models like P100, P7 are designated differently. eg MP2Dxxxx

Hope it helps


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