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Novatel PTR9300/NVT1320 ROM Hacking

                        Novatel PTR 9300 / NVT 1320

                   Publisher not responsible for misuse.

This just came in from England, I haven't had time to review it. (10/17/95)

Eproms and stuff


First of all you'll have to burn a rom to install into the phone.
Your best bet is to get someone in your local tec's electronics
department to do this for you, though you can build a burner for about
20 ukp.  The EPROM in these phones is a 27C256.  Be sure and burn the
correct rom for your software version... two are included (because
these are the only two phones I have ever got my hands on), one for
the Novatel 1320 (CA08) and the other for Novatel 9300 (AA04).  The rom
is usually a ceramic chip with 28 pins, and a label on top declaring
the software revision.


Loosen the 4 screws that hold the phone together and open up from the
connector end like a clamshell.  The rom is the chip in the socket :-

     nvt1320            ptr9300
     ________          ________
    |      x |        |        |
    |        |        |        |
    |        |        |        |
    |        |        |       x|
    -P-------         -P-------

    P = Power connector / Lead in
    x = ROM

Take out the old rom and put your new one in the same way.  Check all
of the pins are in and not bent/broken/shorting etc...


Power up your phone... no different (hopefully)...

Now lock your phone (FCN 1)....
Now key #259....
                                         CNF 1320  or  CNF 9300
you should see something like....        REV CA08      REV AA04

now press the volume up button...              ESN

The keys on the keyboard have now been re-defined into a hex keypad.

SND = store ESN into NAM
CE  = reload ESN from NAM (i.e. you mis-keyed the new ESN and want to
                           start again)

0-9 = As you would expect

H/F   = A         FCN = B         RCL  = C
CALLS = D         MNU = E         ALPH = F

ESN's are in Hex form.  If yours is in decimal (xx/xx/xx/xxxxx) form
you'll need to convert it.

Basically type in the new ESN in hex and press send. That's it.

Simple eh?

You will also need to program in the new MIN and AID, this is done by
simply using the vol up/down keys to select the appropriate menu and
then typing in the relevant stuff and pressing SND to store.

When you've finished press END to reboot the phone and use the MNU key
+ 2 pushes of volume down to verify your new ESN.

Oh btw.. if you lock the phone and press #83* you get into the SerViCe
menu... With this you have a nice in car call scanner, but I'll leave
that as an exersice for the reader (its quite simple to work out!)


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