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Oki 21 Programming

OKI 21

NOTES:  This is a single NAM unit.
        The ESN prefix is 129 decimal & 81 hex.
        OKI: 1-800-554-3112


New or reset units:

1.  Turn power on.

2.  Within 30 seconds press * & # keys together and release, enter
    * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 #.

3.  The phone will display "EntEr PW-Sto" you may enter a ten digit
    password at this stage to be used in future re-programings.  Press
    STO to retain default password or enter a ten digit password and press STO.

4.  The phone will display "rE EntEr PW-Sto" re-enter the password, press
    STO to confirm.  Again, press STO to retain default password.

Back door:

1.  If the password is not known substitute the following code in step
    2 above: * 7 4 6 4 6 9 5 2 #.

Reprograming if a password has been set, and is known:

1.  Turn power on.

2.  With in 30 seconds press STO & RCL keys together and release, enter
    the 10 digit password.  If you are successful the phone will enter
    programing mode.


Having completed one of the above access methods the phone will display
the software version and hex ESN.  Press CLR to continue, the phone will
display "PrESS 1 THRU 9".

All OKI phones should be initialized prior to programing, press 0 and phone
will display "rESET PrESS 0", press 0 again and display will change to

You may now go directly to any entry by pressing the number of that step, or
use volume up and down keys to scroll.

1.  The STO key stores each entry.

2.  The Volume UP key scrolls down through the steps.

3.  The Volume DOWN key scrolls UP through the steps.

4.  At any time press CLR to exit program mode.



1       10 DIGITS           OWN             MIN (AREA CODE & PHONE NUMBER)
2       5 DIGITS            Sid no          SYSTEM ID
3       333 OR 334          IPCH            IPCH AUTOMATICALLY SET
4       2 DIGITS            ACCoLC          ACCESS OVERLOAD
5       3 OR 4 DIGITS       Loc CodE        LOCK CODE
6       2 DIGITS            gid             GROUP ID (10 FOR USA)
7       4 DIGITS            Stn CLS         STATION CLASS MARK, USE 1000.
8       4 DIGITS/0 OR 1     OPt bit         OPTION BITS:
                                            1 enables, from left to right:
                                            Min Mark
                                            Local Use Mark
                                            Hands Free
                                            NOT USED
                                            SIX DIGITS OF ESN OR 111002)

LOCK: F 5 then one to eight digit code.  UNLOCK: Enter one to eight digit code.

SYSTEM SELECT: F 2 then six digit security code, 2 to scroll, STO to store. 

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