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Oki 1325 Fact Sheet

The OKI 1325 Info Sheet V. 2:

 by Blundar and IceBerg.

I have acquired the following information thanks to blundar, and also an
OKI 1325 thanks again to blundar.

OKI 1325 NAM Programming:

 After power up press recall + menu followed by * 6 2 6 #

OKI 1325 Test Mode:

 Same as the 900
 Press 7+9, menu, send, end, recall, store, clear, 1+3
 The unit will respond with good timing ! !

OKI 1325 Service Monitor:

 *+#, *, 8, 3, 7, 8, 6, 6, 3, 3, #
 The unit will respond with Service Facility, then with Service Monitor
 After that you will see something that resembles the following:

        ------These 2 digits appear to be signal strength?
 |||||||------Initial paging chan? mine is 338 on B and 322 on A and
 |||||||      could be fovc or rovc? or focc or rocc? Anyone?
 ||||--------More channel stuff, I think this one is FOVC?
 -------unknown, may have something to do with the option bit

also before entering status monitor you can scroll through these options:

display of Software Version Number
display of ESN
display Option Bits
display Unlock Code <--USEFUL!!!

Can anyone else give me anymore info?


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