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Oki 900 Cloning/Reprogramming in a Nutshell

OKI 900 Reprogramming/Cloning in a Nutshell

by dark_fairytale

Ok, so you've read the Oki 900 Guide by Iceberg and you still don't fully understand how to reprogram/clone your Oki 900.  Well now i'm going to explain in the simplest terms possible on just how to do just that for those of you that still don't understand.

Materials Needed:

Oki 900 with 4712 Chip Modification
A Valid Esn and Nam Pair (ESN should already be in hex)

Ok, now if you don't know what a Esn and Nam pair is then you shouldn't be reading this. However, if you do, continue on.

The very first thing you'll need to do is to put your Oki 900 into test mode/debug mode by doing the following:

Power up the phone.
Hold down the 7 and 9 buttons for about a second, release.

Quickly enter Menu, Snd, End, Rcl, Sto, Clr.

The phone should now read Good timing!!!  If not, start over.

If all goes well up until here hit 1 and 3 buttons at the same time and it will clear the Good timing from the display.

Ok, now you're ready to program in your ESN. You have 5 locations for ESN is you are using the 4712 chip mod and you will have to program in each byte of ESN separately in it's separate location in order for it to work. To begin programming the ESN into the phone:
hit #54 followed by the 4 digit location followed by the byte of ESN then Snd 

Every ESN location is as follows:

Esn 1 Locale- BE8E                      

Esn 2 Locale- BE93                        

Esn 3 Locale- BE98                          

Esn 4 Locale- BE9D

Esn 5 Locale- BEA2

Now you may be looking at this and still wondering, what the fuck?  Ok, let me explain more clearly here. An ESN is an 8 digit/letter number combination when properly put into hex mode which will be needed when reprogramming the ESN.  When reprogramming the ESN you will enter it two digits/letters at time into the Oki. 

For example, let's say your ESN is: BD94-A623 and you want to program that into ESN Slot 1.

Therefore you would program: BD into location BE8E, 94 into BE8F, and so on....

Ok, I hope that helps a little for you beginners.  When reprogramming your ESN more than likely you will have to program in a letter. To get letters all you simply need to do is hit the * key on the phone before hitting the corresponding number. Here is a key for that as well:


On last quick note on reprogramming the ESN, hit # before each entry and send to save it before you move on.  Ok, now after you get the full ESN programmed in you will have to reboot the phone. So simply turn the phone off for a second or two and turn it back on.  Now comes reprogramming the NAM. As soon as you power up the phone you will have to:

Hold Rcl and Mnu at the same time for a second or two, release.

Quickly followed by *,6,2,7,2,9,8,5,4,#.

If entered correctly some numbers will pop up on the display followed by the words Dealer which means just that, you are in Dealer mode and your NAM is ready to be reprogrammed.

Ok, now use the volume button on the side to scroll down to the corresponding NAM to the ESN you just programmed in. Let the display sit there for a second and the prompt will then come up Own #.

Now re-enter the NAM that you have for your ESN and hit STO. With that being done hit the Down Volume button three times and you should see a prompt that reads ACCOLC #. Here you need to enter 0 followed by the last digit of the NAM you are programming in and hit STO once more.  Once that is done shut the phone off once more to reboot and power it back on.

Now you are ready to select your NAM and ESN from the Admin Menu to put it to use. When the phone powers back up hit Menu 8 times for the Admin Menu to appear. Hit recall to access it and enter your security code. The default password on most phones is 123456, but please note that it can be changed.

Once into the Admin menu hit RCL to choose the NAM you want to use and hit STO and the prompt should appear: RESET TIMER.  Turn the phone off and turn it back on and you're almost done.  Now getting the ESN and NAM to work properly may take some experimenting with the carrier selection which varies from A to B.  Most A side carriers are hard to clone do to rf fingerprinting. To access the carrier selection again hit Menu 8 times and go into the Admin menu.  Enter your password and hit the Down volume arrow button until you see the System Prefer followed by whichever carrier is selected. Hit STO to select.

Try your pair with A, if that doesn't work simply go back and Try with B. If that doesn't work, than you have a bad pair and should go out and get another.

Ok, I hope this text file has helped those who have had trouble understanding the concept of reprogramming/cloning the OKI 900 with 4712 MOD and if it hasn't then i strongly suggest you find a new hobby. Thanks for reading.

References: The Complete Oki 900 Guide by Iceberg.

Liquid Illusion

the list goes on and on......

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