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Scanning with the Oki 900

Scanning with the Oki 900

by dark fairytale

So you wanna be a tuff guy and listen in on cellphone conversations?  Well here's what you need to do.

Materials Needed:

Oki 900 Cellphone with Power Supply (Well fuckin duh.)
And a Finger for hitting buttons. (Paraplegics need not apply.)

Simple Instructions:

Power on phone and immediately hold 7 + 9 at the same time while it boots up for about two seconds.

Release 7 + 9 and hit Menu, Send, End, Recall, Store, Clear and the phone should read good timing!!!  If not then restart from the beginning.

If all goes well hit 1 + 3 at the same time to clear the prompt.

Now hit #12 SND to recieve audio.

Then hit #77 SND and you should hear a buzzing noise because you have just enabled the loud speaker.

Now on another note, on rare occassions when you can hear both sides of the conversation and you have a strong signal you can transmit over cell conversations for a brief few seconds before the tower will switch the cell user's channel. If you want to do that then enter the following commands, however, if you want to simply eavesdrop I suggest not doing this because as I said the cell tower will change the user's channel in a matter of seconds.  For transmit mode:

Hit #14 SND to enable the transmit audio and #07 to turn the carrier on.

As I said if your intentions are to eavesdrop then leave that part out.

Ok, now to begin the scanning of channels enter the following command:

AAAA = 4 digit low channel number (Channel to begin scan on)
BBBB = 4 digit high channel (Cell Channel to end scan on)
CC = 2 digit number for how many seconds to scan each

For example if you want to scan channels 50-300 at a 1 second interval you would enter:

#730050030001 SND and your scan should begin.

Press # when you find a channel with someone talking you want to listen to and press # again to resume scanning. Press * to restart the scan.

Simple enough? Yay, have fun.

Sources: Oki Faq by Iceberg.

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